We are proud to announce – in an Australian first – the introduction of the SonoSim® Editions to enhance the learning experience across the range of our courses. An amazing simulation product, the SonoSim® Editions provides integrated hands-on ultrasound training, didactic instruction, and assessment “anytime-anywhere”. We liked it so much when we saw it in action at AIUM13 that we had to have one! Come and see it working its magic for yourself at our courses – you won’t be disappointed.

The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution is an impressive product. It uses a laptop computer-based training environment to deliver unparalleled didactic content and hands-on training. SonoSim® Cases are obtained from real patients, allowing for a real scanning experience.

The SonoSimulator® allows for the selection of hands-on training cases from the SonoSim® Case Library. The SonoSim® Case Library is the largest hands-on training case library in the world and contains over 1,000 cases spanning a myriad of pathologies. Hands-on training is achieved using a handheld SonoSim® Sensor connected to a laptop computer, creating a virtual patient-imaging environment.

When you come to an Ultrasound Training Solutions course you will get to utilize all aspects of the SonoSim®, a tool that will further enhance your learning experience. For more information go to www.sonosim.com.

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