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Ultrasound Training and Education in Hong Kong

Santa Monica, Ca. SonoSim International announced the appointment of Pacific Medical Systems Ltd as the exclusive country distributor for Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR.

“SonoSim International is looking for knowledgeable, best-of-breed international distributors,” said Derek McLeish, President SonoSim International. “After a careful assessment of the candidates, we felt the Pacific Medical Systems Team best exemplified the type of distributor we wanted to represent the leading SonoSim Ultrasound Training products in Hong Kong/Macau. We are excited to help the adoption of medical ultrasound imaging grow in Hong Kong and Macau.”

“Learning how to perform ultrasound scans has been a significant challenge for healthcare providers, especially those new to ultrasound such as Point-of-Care physicians. Participants in ultrasound courses find it often difficult to maintain and advance their learning curve without access to ongoing ultrasound training. With the SonoSim simulator we can now offer an effective and scalable ultrasound training solution that provides real ultrasound images including pathologies together with and intuitive interface and didactic guides.” stated Mr. Jules Flach, Founder and CEO of Pacific Medical Systems Ltd. “Pacific Medical Systems Ltd. is a regional distributor based in Hong Kong with strong focus in the distribution of ultrasound technologies such as the pocket size Vscan and portable Logiq-e and Venue40 systems from GE, Uscom Haemodynamic Monitor and other ultrasound products for critical care, surgery and cardiology for the last 10 years.”

SonoSim International’s mission is to meet the global demand for SonoSim products and services needed by physicians, nurses, students, care providers, trainers and educators worldwide. SonoSim International’s market entries are based on products developed by leading ultrasound educators, computer-based instructional designers, content editors, computer engineers, scientists, and software developers, adapted to local market needs. The company has a portfolio of intellectual properties including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets to protect its investments in technology, content and methodology. We are growing our distribution and look forward to making SonoSim International products the easiest way to learn ultrasonography, anytime, anyplace and worldwide.

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