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SonoSim LiveScan™ ultrasound simulation technology transforms volunteers and standard mannequins into high-fidelity ultrasound training tools.

SonoSim, Inc., a provider of ultrasound education and training, released SonoSim LiveScan™, what the company says is the first ultrasound simulation technology to transform volunteers and standard mannequins into high-fidelity ultrasound training tools.

Development of an easy and effective method to provide ultrasound training has been cited as a key factor that will unleash the transformative power of bedside ultrasonography, according to SonoSim. The company uses a combination of advanced motion sensor technology and real-patient ultrasound data to provide medical educators with a true-to-life and cost-effective resource to meet the overwhelming demand to train healthcare providers in bedside ultrasonography.

“SonoSim LiveScan brings unparalleled realism to ultrasound simulation,” states Dr. Dan Katz, Vice President of SonoSim. “By streamlining real-patient simulation scenarios, educators are now better able to train and assess healthcare providers seeking to learn how to use ultrasound to diagnose, monitor, and treat patients. SonoSim LiveScan overcomes traditional barriers to ultrasound training and assessment, and features the largest collection of real ultrasound training cases in the world.”

SonoSim LiveScan was unveiled in January 2014 at the annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) and is now available for purchase in the United States and Canada. It will be made available for international purchase starting September 1, 2014.

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