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Santa Monica, CA, September 18, 2014 – SonoSim Inc., a leading provider of ultrasound education and training, has announced the official release of a comprehensive musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound-training package. MSK ultrasound has far-reaching benefits, allowing trained practitioners to visually assess and monitor conditions affecting bones, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. However, MSK ultrasonography is arguably the most difficult ultrasound imaging skill to learn and teach; the sheer number of anatomic structures, the varying imaging planes, and the dynamic nature of MSK imaging make it incredibly challenging.

SonoSim has applied its proven approach of using cloud-based computing and hands-on training to provide a mobile platform for MSK ultrasound education, training, and performance analytics. This latest SonoSim release delivers comprehensive MSK training that imparts a solid foundation in MSK sonography. SonoSim uses a combination of advanced motion sensor technology and real-patient ultrasound data to provide a simulation-based, risk-free environment, where users can develop proficient MSK ultrasound skills and access refresher training to curb skill decay.

“The SonoSim® Musculoskeletal Package is truly a unique and powerful tool for learning and teaching MSK ultrasound,” states Dr. Dan Katz, Vice President of SonoSim. “We believe this product will accelerate the widespread adoption of MSK ultrasound across multiple medical disciplines by reducing the steep learning and skill decay curves associated with ultrasound training.” The newly released SonoSim® Musculoskeletal Package is already receiving high praises from industry experts. “The SonoSim® Musculoskeletal Package is truly a one-of-a-kind program,” states Michael Jablon, RMST, Vice President and Director of Technical Services for Orthopedic Ultrasound, Inc. “This product is going to change the way MSK ultrasound is used in medicine.”

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