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Santa Monica, CA December 2, 2015

SonoSim International has hired Laura Bursack as its new General Manager, effective December 1, 2015. Bursack joins SonoSim International from OASIS Medical, Inc. where she most recently served as Director, International Sales. Bursack obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Science with an emphasis in International Business and has over 30 years of medical experience working as an Emergency Care Practitioner. Bursack’s previous experience assisted companies with clinical research to support 510(k) applications, PMA and NDA approvals in the pharmaceutical and device industries.

“SonoSim International’s growth demands new world-class team members and Laura’s extensive experience in the medical field and international business will strengthen SonoSim International’s efforts in helping save lives, reducing healthcare costs, and improving patient outcomes,” stated Derek McLeish, President of SonoSim International. “SonoSim International is excited to have Laura onboard and welcomes her to the SonoSim International Team.”

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the SonoSim Team and am focused on providing support to our partners and to the medical community,” said Bursack. “SonoSim’s commitment and unwavering dedication in achieving optimal outcomes for patient care parallels a focus had since my entrance into the medical field.”

Bursack’s responsibilities at SonoSim will include but are not limited to: providing a vision and leadership for SonoSim International, managing a global network of distributors and strategic partners, expanding SonoSim International’s department and capacities, and optimizing strategic account sales team training and marketing efforts.

About SonoSim International

SonoSim International’s mission is to meet the global demand for SonoSim products and services needed by physicians, nurses, students, care providers, trainers, and educators worldwide. SonoSim International’s market entries are based on products developed by leading ultrasound educators, instructional designers, content editors, scientists, and software developers, adapted to local market needs.

The company has a portfolio of intellectual properties including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets to protect its investments in technology, content, and methodology. SonoSim International is continuously expanding its distribution network in order to provide worldwide access to the easiest, most effective, and most convenient way to learn ultrasound: The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution.

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