“I think that most people recognize that nothing beats hands-on learning. However, what seems simple at a course is soon forgotten upon returning to the real world. SonoSim allows me the opportunity to continually review sonographic techniques in a very accessible manner, on my schedule. The courses are presented in a manner which is highly relevant to my practice, with case-based scenarios reenforcing the fundamental lessons.

With the confidence I have gained from SonoSim, I now look forward to performing exams at work. The ability to perform scans and then go back and review the relevant SonoSim lesson has enabled me to significantly improve my POCUS skill level in a very short period of time. I particularly enjoy the fact that I am now able to pick up subtle nuances in technique with each new view of SonoSim. It never gets old.

Thank you SonoSim for delivering such an outstanding educational product!”

Matthew D. Sztajnkrycer, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Emergency Medicine Department

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