Dr. Reem“Over the past 5 years, SANA has been involved in providing sonographic training to health care providers who have never held a probe nor scanned any patients. SANA’s trainees are primarily midwives, some of whom are out in practice, and many who are in their senior year of midwifery school. What is most unique and challenging when scanning the obstetrical patient is that the sonologist is constantly trying to obtain images of a moving target with an unstable lie, and where the fetal spine and limbs complicate matters further as they tend to block the ultrasound beam. This requires significant adaptability from the sonologist and skill at probe manipulation.

Since SANA acquired SonoSim in March 2016, all trainees are now required to spend time on SonoSim prior to going out on an outreach mission where they get to scan real patients. A drastic improvement has been noted in the trainees’ ability to recognize fetal anatomy and properly obtain the biometric planes after having worked on SonoSim. This has resulted in significantly improved learning curves where trainees show more confidence and ease in handling the real probe, have no difficulty with caliper placement and in fact, find scanning an actual patient easier! The intimidation of the first scan (and particularly a fetal scan) is no longer an issue as the trainees feel more secure in their abilities as they go out into the clinical arena. The portability and practicality of SonoSim enables the trainer to set up an “ultrasound lab” in ANY locale where the only requirement is having a trainee!

In the future, as SANA expands its involvement with resident trainees, I foresee SonoSim’s tremendous impact in training the sonologist on how to perform a transvaginal scan. This is a particular area with significant training-limitation, to Ob/Gyn as well as Radiology residents, and SonoSim will undoubtedly play a key role in overcoming this challenge.

Thank you SonoSim: looking forward to future modules!”

Reem S. Abu-Rustum, MD
Co-founder and President
SANA Medical NGO

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