“SonoSim has offered much excellence to our ultrasound-training program at the University of Manitoba. As the Director of Ultrasound Training for the Department of Emergency Medicine, I have found the SonoSim training modules highly innovative and well received by medical students, residents, and attending physicians. Our learners truly enjoy the SonoSim process of improving their knowledge base, and their ability to scan, as they prepare for a long-term career employing bedside ultrasound as an incredible tool in medicine. The SonoSim is also especially helpful during our credentialing Independent Practitioner workshops when learners can scan in live time on a standardized patient or mannequin to look for pathology scans that would be difficult to find in real volunteer patients.

Equally important to the highest quality software and simulators is SonoSim’s strong commitment to its clients. To be able to enhance my ultrasound curriculum for my learners, I secured one unit in 2012, two more in 2014, and am now proposing the purchase of two more units this year. For these acquisitions, the delivery, quality of products received, and accessibility for all questions, have all been superb. As the Director of a relatively new program, I can call SonoSim and be immediately directed to the appropriate team and have found instant support. Whether it has been new software to replace aging modules, new equipment to insure easy access for a growing number of learners at workshops, or assistance in having a new model to demonstrate its value in terms of a new requisition, SonoSim surpasses all expectations.

In a nutshell, SonoSim offers excellence in all of its operation. In turn, I can assure potential users that from my knowledge of other training software, equipment, and customer supports elsewhere in the market, the University of Manitoba’s Department of Emergency Medicine has found in SonoSim, the best-known training tools, service, and value available on the market.”

Dr. Chau Pham, MD, FRCP, MBA
Director, Section of Ultrasound, Department of Emergency Medicine
Emergency Room Physician, St. Boniface Hospital & Health Sciences Centre
Assistant Professor, College of Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba

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