Ultrasound Education for Institutions

One SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution. Delivered two Ways.


Individual physicians, nurses, sonographers and medical students can learn ultrasonography using the SonoSim online ultrasound training course

SonoSim® GME Package.

The SonoSim GME Package supplies every individual in a group with their own SonoSim® Personal Solution, which converts their personal computers into their own ultrasound training solutions.

Ideal for:

  • Graduate medical education programs
  • Undergraduate medical education programs
  • Medical groups seeking to train their physicians
  • Diagnostic medical sonography (DMS) programs
SonoSim provides online medical ultrasound courses for medical educators and institutions

SonoSim® Edition.

SonoSim® Editions are delivered with the SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution pre-installed on a SonoSim-certified laptop. They come with a five-year license and free performance tracking for up to 50 users in year one. Modules are selected to build a custom SonoSim® Edition.

Ideal for:

  • Simulation centers
  • Medical and nursing schools
  • Diagnostic medical sonography (DMS) programs
  • Military training center

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