SonoSim, Inc., a leading global provider of ultrasound education and training, has publicly announced a new strategic partnership with Universal Diagnostic Solutions (UDS). UDS offers high quality, reliable portable ultrasound machines, as well as high caliber ultrasound training. There are distinct advantages to buying a new or refurbished portable ultrasound system from UDS. Our OEM trained technicians, sonographers and product specialists are the best in the industry and are here to offer complete support after your purchase. When it comes to portable ultrasound, nobody knows the equipment better than our knowledgeable staff. Together, SonoSim, Inc. and UDS will offer state of the art ultrasound education and training at a greatly discounted price.

“UDS is excited to partner with SonoSim to bring customers integrated ultrasound training that overcomes many of the traditional barriers to ultrasound training,” states James Warren, UDS Director of Sales.

If you’re considering implementing ultrasound in your practice, call us today for unbiased information and discover which systems would be best suited for your private practice, clinic, hospital or business or visit the UDS website to see SonoSim and UDS joint offerings.

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