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Neonatal and Infant Neurosonography: Advanced Clinical Module

Online Ultrasound Course for Neonatal and Infant Neurosonography: Advanced Clinical Module
Ultrasound Simulator for Neonatal and Infant Neurosonography: Advanced Clinical Module

Module Overview

This Advanced Clinical Module teaches the fundamental elements of how to perform neonatal and infant neurosonography. The Course begins with a thorough overview of the neuroanatomy of preterm and term neonates and infants, and explores the clinical indications for sonographic examination. Subsequent lessons provide an in-depth review of sonographic neuroanatomy and imaging techniques, and introduce several more commonly encountered pathologic conditions.

In-module questions and a final mastery test assess didactic knowledge. The patented SonoSimulator® will help you develop the requisite cognitive task awareness and visuospatial skills required to perform neonatal and infant neurosonography.

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Course Lessons

  • Introduction
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Sonographic Anatomy
  • Sonographic Technique
  • Technical Tips & Pitfalls
  • Case Studies
  • Summary



Hands-On Cases

The SonoSimulator helps to develop and maintain the critical psychomotor and visuospatial skills that are central to performing neonatal and infant neurosonography in a convenient and risk-free setting.
  • 10 real-patient based cases including:
    • Normal neonatal brains
    • Ventriculomegaly
    • Hydrocephalus
    • Intraventricular hemorrhage
    • Right germinal matrix hemorrhage
    • Subependymal hemorrhage
    • Periventricular venous infarction
    • Grade IV right and left periventricular hemorrhage
    • Porencephalic cyst
    • Extra-axial CSF collections
  • Preterm and term neonatal and infant cases
  • Coronal and sagittal plane imaging

Knowledge Assessment with Performance Tracking

  • 19 interspersed questions and answers with real-time feedback
  • 20-question mastery test
*Enjoy 24/7 access to this SonoSim Module for 12 months from date of purchase. Extend your license on an annual basis for a charge of 10% of the original SonoSim Module price.

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