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What is it?

What is SonoSim LiveScan®?


SonoSim LiveScan® instantly transforms healthy volunteers or mannequins into ultrasound training cases with real pathologic conditions.

Apply SonoSim LiveScan® Tags to designated anatomic locations on either volunteers or mannequins. The Tags serve as ultrasound scanning windows.

Use the SonoSim LiveScan® Probe to scan these designated ultrasound windows and learn the precise probe movements required to perform an actual ultrasound exam. A variety of normal and pathologic ultrasound findings that correspond to your handheld probe movements will be displayed in real-time within the SonoSimulator®.

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How does it help me?

How dows SonoSim LiveScan® help me?
SonoSim LiveScan® transforms volunteers and standard mannequins, previously devoid of ultrasound training capability, into high-fidelity ultrasound training and assessment resources.

SonoSim LiveScan® is a valuable resource during Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs) and standardized patient scenarios.

You can now use real ultrasound cases for training and testing. SonoSim LiveScan® allows you to assess how well trainees identify key anatomical landmarks, image artifacts, and pathologies, and apply this information towards medical decision making.

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Why is it unique?

Why is SonoSim LiveScan® unique?
SonoSim LiveScan® is the first ultrasound simulation technology that enables integration of real ultrasound cases with pathologic findings into live volunteer and mannequin-based simulation scenarios.

SonoSim LiveScan® is a first-of-its-kind technology that brings never-before-seen realism to ultrasound simulation. Standard resuscitation training mannequins can be instantly transformed into high-fidelity ultrasound training and assessment resources.

SonoSim LiveScan® overcomes traditional barriers to ultrasound training and testing, and features the largest collection of real ultrasound training cases in the world.

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What are my content choices?

Use ultrasound to perform cardiac echo and diagnose pericardial effusions or tamponade.
The SonoSim® Content Library contains the largest collection of hands-on training cases in the world.

New training cases are added on a regular basis.

Trauma Care (eFAST) Cases

  • Case 01 – Tension Pneumothorax (Blunt Trauma)
  • Case 02 – Hemopericardium (Penetrating Trauma)
  • Case 03 – Tension Pneumothorax (Penetrating Trauma)
  • Case 04 – Hemoperitoneum (Blunt Trauma)
  • Case 05 – Abnormal Mental Status (Blunt Trauma)
  • Case 06 – Pediatric Trauma (Blunt Trauma)
  • Case 07 – Hemothorax (Penetrating Trauma)
  • Case 08 – Hemothorax & Hemoperitoneum (Blunt Trauma)
  • Case 09 – Hemoperitoneum & Coagulopathy (Blunt Trauma)
  • Case 10 – False-Positive Hemoperitoneum (Blunt Trauma)

Critical Care (RUSH) Cases

  • Case 01- Moderate Hypothermia (Hypovolemic Shock)
  • Case 02- Severe Gastroenteritis (Hypovolemic Shock)
  • Case 03- Severe Sepsis (Deep Venous Thrombosis)
  • Case 04- Severe Sepsis (Distributive Hypovolemic Shock)
  • Case 05- Acute inhalational injury (Blunt Trauma)
  • Case 06- Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (Hemorrhagic Shock)
  • Case 07- Severe Sepsis complicated by Pericardial Effusion
  • Case 08- Severe Sepsis complicated by Pneumonia, Cardiomyopathy, IUP
  • Case 09- Hemorrhagic Shock (Blunt Trauma)
  • Case 10- Pneumonia-Related Severe Sepsis

Cardiac Resuscitation Cases

  • Case 01 – Pulseless Electrical Activity (Hyperkalemia)
  • Case 02 – Acute Ascending Aortic Dissection (Thoracic Aortic Aneursym)
  • Case 03 – Massive Pulmonary Embolus
  • Case 04 – Severe Sepsis with Pulmonary Source of Infection
  • Case 05 – Anaphylaxis
  • Case 06 – Cardiac Syncope (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy)
  • Case 07 – Cardiac Tamponade
  • Case 08 – Hypotension; Dehydration (Electrolyte Imbalance)
  • Case 09 – Tension Pneumothorax
  • Case 10 – Acute Coronary Syndrome

10 Early-Stage Pregnancy cases

10 Late-Stage Pregnancy cases

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SonoSim LiveScan®

Live Demonstration of SonoSim LiveScan® with tags on a person

SonoSim LiveScan® comes with your choice of any two or more SonoSim LiveScan® packages. It provides an easy-to-use and highly realistic ultrasound training and proficiency assessment tool.

Current SonoSim LiveScan® packages include:

  • 10 Trauma Care (eFAST Protocol) cases
  • 10 Critical Care (RUSH Protocol) cases
  • 10 Cardiac Resuscitation cases
  • 10 Early-Stage Pregnancy cases
  • 10 Late-Stage Pregnancy cases

View SonoSim LiveScan® FAQs for purchasing questions and additional information.

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