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Online Ultrasound Courses & Experts On-Demand

SonoSim’s 80+ cloud-based ultrasound courses are created by leading ultrasound experts and are available on-demand. The growing library of interactive, multimedia, peer-reviewed ultrasound courses feature an engaging blend of relevant regional anatomy, sonographic anatomy, ultrasound imaging techniques, tips & pitfalls, real patient case studies, and ultrasound videos. And they're all eligible for CME!*

SonoSim’s cloud-based didactic ultrasound courses make up the Learn element of the ultrasound training ecosystem

80+ Online Ultrasound Courses On-Demand

SonoSim provides proven ultrasound training courses across a wide range of ultrasound topics. Each course is developed using a widely-accepted methodology for reaching ultrasound competency. There are knowledge checks throughout the courses that help focus learning. Finally, a Mastery Test ensures the learner has fully understood the content. Learners benefit from personalized, interactive learning, accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. This approach provides unique advantages over traditional ways to learn ultrasound, such as textbooks, live courses, and online lectures.

Virtual Ultrasound Courses

Ultrasound Experts On-Demand • Courses for All Levels & Specialties • CME* Credit Available

Learn Ultrasound with
On-Demand, Interactive, Online Ultrasound Courses

SonoSim's 80+ ultrasound courses cover a wide array of topics and learner levels. Learning materials support the needs of instructors delivering both diagnostic medical sonography courses and point-of-care ultrasound courses. Our anatomy & physiology ultrasound courses are perfect for those starting out in ultrasound training or looking for a strong foundation in a particular anatomical area.  Our clinical ultrasound courses teach learners to use ultrasound to evaluate commonly encountered pathologic conditions. Our advanced clinical ultrasound courses give advanced learners in-depth training using ultrasound to detect a broader and more complex set of pathologies. SonoSim's ultrasound-guided procedure training courses help practitioners reduce risk and enhance patient satisfaction, with safer and more efficient procedures, like ultrasound for IV placement.

Learner takes an online ultrasound course on-demand
  • A&P Ultrasound Courses

  • Clinical Ultrasound Courses

  • Adv. Clinical Ultrasound Courses

  • U/S-Guided Procedures

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Anatomy & Physiology Ultrasound Courses

Our A&P ultrasound training courses are designed to provide you with a strong foundation of ultrasound knowledge, specific to anatomical regions, organs, and structures. Our expert-led ultrasound courses cover everything from regional anatomy & physiology to sonographic anatomy, scanning technique, and imaging tips & pitfalls. SonoSim can help you develop many of the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in ultrasound. 

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Clinical Ultrasound Courses

Our clinical ultrasound courses provide an in-depth comprehension of the necessary components to accurately assess and diagnose using ultrasound. We cover exam indications, regional anatomy, sonographic anatomy, and sonographic technique. Our ultrasound courses also focus on pathologic case studies and imaging tips & pitfalls to give you an in-depth understanding of how diseases present in ultrasound imaging. This category supports both diagnostic medical sonography (DMS) learners as well as medical practitioners looking for point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) training.

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Advanced Clinical Ultrasound Courses

Our advanced clinical ultrasound courses cover complex diagnoses and sonographic applications. This is an ever-expanding list of courses with a focus on specific pathologic conditions. These advanced clinical and diagnostic ultrasound topics provide learners a deep understanding of ultrasound techniques for assessing a variety of complex medical conditions.

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Ultrasound-Guided Procedure Courses

Ultrasound-guided procedures are becoming increasingly used to minimize complications and improve patient care. SonoSim ultrasound procedures training courses cover patient positioning, procedural steps, imaging adjuncts, potential complications, and more. Learn at your own pace in a risk-free environment. Practice ultrasound-guided procedures as often as you like, risk-free - anytime, anywhere.

Learn Ultrasound Online Ultrasound Experts On-Demand

Effective, Personalized, Interactive Ultrasound Learning Pathways on Any Device

Learn ultrasound with SonoSim courses on any device

Courses alone are never enough to really learn ultrasound.

SonoSim's Ultrasound Learning Pathways ensure each learner has the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to reach ultrasound competency. 

1. LEARN with an Ultrasound Course

The Ultrasound Course Library displays your course options.

2. TRACK your progress & take the Mastery Test

At the end of each course, take a Mastery Test. Results will be immediately displayed. Learners can keep track of their results & administrators can review learner performance and manage assignments.

3. SCAN associated cases in the SonoSimulator® 

Once a course is completed, learners are ready to continue on to scanning assignments in the SonoSimulator, a simulated environment loaded with real cases applied to virtual patients.  

4. Download your Certificate of Completion & Claim CME*

Each SonoSim topic comes with a certificate of completion.  All topics are also accredited with CME, which is available for purchase for SonoSim users that need this feature.

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The SonoSim Ecosystem

Comprehensive Ultrasound Learning & Teaching

Study ultrasound course learnings from any device

Case-based learning & reference tools advance training on-the-go

SonoSim LiveScan
Apply online ultrasound course learnings in medical decision-making scenarios

Apply U/S knowledge in medical decision-making

Integrate online ultrasound training into your curriculum

Integrate ultrasound into curricula

Performance Tracker
Track learner proficiency in ultrasound courses

Streamline performance tracking & image review

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Practice ultrasound procedures like ultrasound for IV placement with real-time feedback

U/S-guided procedure training with real-time feedback

Learn ultrasound with SonoSim's growing library of online ultrasound courses

On-demand access to world-class ultrasound educators

Bedside Clinical Practice

SonoSim complements bedside learning & accelerates the path to ultrasound competency

Scan real ultrasound video pathology to train your image acquisition and interpretation skills

Provide unlimited scanning of real patient pathology


What mobile platforms do you support?

All SonoSim courses are accessible on any internet-connected device including tablets and smartphones.

In addition, all SonoSim members can download and login to the SonoSim mobile app, which provides key points and reference guides that make key course concepts available at the bedside.

The SonoSim App is available through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Tell me more about the ultrasound course format.

We offer 80+ peer-reviewed modules. Each module is made up of online courses and real normal and pathologic scanning cases for scanning in the SonoSimulator. 

Modules are interactive, multimedia didactics that cover sonographic anatomy, scanning techniques, relevant clinical diagnoses & pathologies, ultrasound acquisition tips, and pitfalls to avoid.

Each course is created by ultrasound experts and peer-reviewed. There are also knowledge checks throughout the content with immediate feedback. Each course culminates with a Mastery Test which is automatically and immediately graded.

Key features include:

  • Learn on any device
  • Progress at learners' own pace
  • Track learner progress
  • Audio narrated
  • Several translations available
  • Video clips of key ultrasound findings

How is CME claimed?

After completing a module, you may claim CME when logged into the My SonoSim Dashboard. Certificates of completion are also available. Each course is approved for 2-6 hours of CME.*

For group SonoSim contracts, CME is available as an add-on, for groups that need this feature.

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Flexible Learning Pathways

A Customizable Ecosystem for Every Program

Access unlimited ultrasound scanning practice from your laptop or desktop computer

Master ultrasound scanning techniques with a virtual patient simulator, offering on-demand access to real pathology cases anytime, anywhere.

A growing library of Challenge Cases enable learners to continually scan new pathologies & acquire new skills.

Study ultrasound case studies and course learnings on the go
Seamlessly integrate SonoSim into your ultrasound curriculum

Access scanning assignments to teach imaging protocols published by professional society guidelines, including AIUM, CAAHEP, ACEP, and more.

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The SonoSim ecosystem is made up of 7 separate, yet complementary elements that support bedside ultrasound scanning. Learn how each one plays a crucial role in helping you solve the ultrasound competency puzzle. 

Find out how to learn ultrasound scanning any time, anywhere with SonoSim scan.

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