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SonoSim makes mastering ultrasonography more accessible than ever. Learners can use our SonoSim Mobile App to learn on-the-go & develop image acquisition & interpretation skills with SonoSim Challenge Cases. We support case-based learning using SonoSim QuestionBank where ultrasound case studies are used to test ultrasound knowledge. SonoSim even includes an SPI exam study guide and ultrasound physics review questions.

The study element of the SonoSim ecosystem includes ultrasound study tools to help accelerate your learning

Ultrasound Study Resources to Enhance Sonography Skills

Traditional barriers in ultrasound education can seem daunting, even to the most dedicated ultrasound enthusiasts. SonoSim Study tools are a part of our comprehensive ultrasound education ecosystem and are designed to help you tackle these challenges. SonoSim provides ultrasound case studies, an SPI study guide, vital reference resources, self-study tools, and more. Our ultrasound self-study and reference tools are available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Flexible Ultrasound Studying for the Busy Lifestyles of Your Learners


  • SPI Test Prep

  • QuestionBank

  • Challenge Cases

  • Mobile App


Sonography Principles & Instrumentation (SPI) Exam Preparation

Discover SonoSim's comprehensive SPI Test Prep, designed to ensure your mastery of the material. With 800+ peer-reviewed questions, in-depth learning, and timed mock SPI exams, learners become well-equipped to not only tackle the SPI exam, but to use fundamental knowledge of ultrasound science to excel in their careers.

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Self-Test. Anytime. Anywhere.

With SonoSim’s QuestionBank, learners can access a variety of on-demand, multimedia, short practice quizzes that can be completed in minutes. Quiz takers receive real-time expert feedback upon answering each question, perfect for quick study sessions and test preparation. The growing SonoSim QuestionBank is accessible on any device.


Real Pathologic Cases for Scanning Practice

Our growing Challenge Case Library allows learners to refine their image acquisition and interpretation skills in minutes. Have 10 minutes? Learn to identify significant pathologic conditions! Each challenge case includes short tutorials so learners can compare their probe movements and pathology findings with those of an expert.


Pocket-Sized Ultrasound Reference Guide

The SonoSim Mobile App allows learners to access key learning takeaways from a smartphone. Used as a bedside reference, the app provides helpful hints and key imaging criteria from the SonoSim course material.

Case-Based Learning with SonoSim QuestionBank

Conveniently Develop &  Test Your Ultrasound Knowledge. Anytime, Anywhere.

Learner accessing study tools like ultrasound study quizzes, SPI test prep, and ultrasound physics review questions

The growing SonoSim QuestionBank has both knowledge check and case study based quizzes in numerous topic areas that are accessible on any device. Knowledge check quizzes are designed to assess general knowledge in a particular topic area, evaluating your proficiency in the overall course content, while case study-based quizzes focus on specific cases within the ultrasound application to test your knowledge in a more practical scenario and provide findings videos to answers.

Comprehensive Sonography Principles & Instrumentation (SPI) Test Preparation

In-depth Learning and Assessment for SPI Exam Success

Wondering how to support your learners as they study ultrasound physics and the SPI exam? Discover SonoSim's comprehensive SPI Test Prep, designed to ensure your learners master the material in preparation for the SPI examination. With 800+ peer-reviewed questions, in-depth learning, practice tests, and timed mock SPI exams, learners will be well-equipped to not only tackle the SPI exam but to use this newly acquired knowledge to improve patient care. This study tool is truly the ultimate ultrasound tech study guide for SPI exam preparation.

Learner taking a quiz with ultrasound physics review questions

Enhance Your Ultrasound Expertise with SonoSim's Engaging Challenge Cases

Scan Real Pathologic Ultrasound Cases

Our growing SonoSim Challenge Case Library allows learners to refine their image acquisition and interpretation skills in minutes by working through individual case studies with hands-on scanning in the SonoSimulator. Learn to identify significant pathologic conditions with these ultrasound case studies. Each challenge case includes real-time probe guidance and a discussion of sonographic technique and pathologic findings, provided by ultrasound experts. 

Learner scanning ultrasound case studies in a challenge case
Challenge cases are an ultrasound study tools that takes learning to the next level with unique pathologic cases

Flexible Case-Based Learning

  • Learn to identify significant pathologic conditions.
  • Expand your skills and challenge yourself.
  • Compare ultrasound image acquisition and interpretation with that of a leading ultrasound expert.

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Ultrasound Study Resources on the SonoSim Mobile App

Pocket-Sized Ultrasound Reference Guide

The SonoSim Mobile App allows learners to access key learning takeaways from a smartphone. Used as a bedside reference, the app provides helpful hints and key imaging criteria from the SonoSim Course material. Gain instant access to key SonoSim Course concepts, including regional and sonographic anatomy, physiology, sonographic technique, case studies, and more. This invaluable content is accessible offline when mobile signals fail, making it the perfect companion for sonographers on the go.

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SonoSim Courses

Access our mobile-optimized courses from any smartphone.

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Bedside References

Helpful hints and key imaging criteria from SonoSim courses.

Bedside references are an ultrasound study tool that will refresh your knowledge at the bedside

Key Concepts

Quick access to summaries of SonoSim courses.

Find key concepts on mobile as an ultrasound tech study guide

SonoSim is Your Essential Platform for Comprehensive Ultrasound Study From Any Device

Time is limited. We get it. Learners definitely get it. SonoSim's ultrasound study tools are geared to support short-form and case-based learning when just a few moments can advance knowledge.  We offer a Questionbank for all learners, SPI Test Prep, as well as Challenge Cases, and a Mobile App to surround your learners with ultrasound study tools when and where they can best use them - on the go.

Study tools are compatible with any device and provide support with SPI test prep and ultrasound case studies

Download Your Guide to Online Ultrasound Competency - Get the Study Brochure!

Enhance Your Ultrasound Knowledge: Study and Reference Anytime, Anywhere with SonoSim

Download the brochure to learn about study tools like our SPI study guide
Download the guide to our short-form review and ultrasound study tools
Download the brochure and learn more about challenge cases and ultrasound case studies


How much does SPI Test Prep cost?

SPI Test Prep is included with all SonoSim group licenses at no additional cost.

How many SPI mock exams can my learners take?

Mock exam attempts are unlimited.

How many SPI mock exams are there?

Instead of having a static number of mock exams, we create a new mock exam dynamically every time a learner takes the exam. Each mock exam is compiled dynamically when a learner makes a new attempt.  The compilation is pull together from a pool of over 800+ questions (and growing) to create a 110-question, 2-hour timed mock exam that mimics the real SPI exam (i.e. we match the ARDMS content outline question-percentage breakdown). 

Can I track my learners' results in the Study tools?

We currently provide image acquisition visibility for all Challenge Cases and results tracking on SPI Test Prep.  We continue to expand tracking capabilities in SonoSim Performance Tracker as requested by our members.

The SonoSim Ecosystem

Comprehensive Ultrasound Learning & Teaching

Study tools help you learn how to study for ultrasound physics from any device

Case-based learning & reference tools advance training on-the-go

SonoSim LiveScan
Apply ultrasound case studies knowledge in a real-time simulation with LiveScan

Apply U/S knowledge in medical decision-making

Integrate tools like our SPI test prep seamlessly into your curriculum

Integrate ultrasound into curricula

Performance Tracker
Track learner progress in ultrasound training and SPI mock exam scores with SonoSim Performance Tracker

Streamline performance tracking & image review

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Complement case study ultrasound learning and practice ultrasound-guided procedures

U/S-guided procedure training with real-time feedback

Learn how to acquire and interpret ultrasound images with could-based courses and ultrasound case studies

On-demand access to world-class ultrasound educators

Bedside Clinical Practice

SonoSim complements bedside learning & accelerates the path to ultrasound competency

Refine ultrasound scanning skills in the SonoSimulator and apply learnings to real ultrasound case studies

Provide unlimited scanning of real patient pathology

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Flexible Learning Pathways

A Customizable Ecosystem for Every Program

Ultrasound learning with SonoSim courses and ultrasound tech study guides

80+ Ultrasound Courses that culminate with scanning practice in the SonoSimulator.

Master ultrasound scanning techniques with a virtual patient simulator, offering on-demand access to real pathology cases anytime, anywhere.

Scan in the SonoSimulator to learn with case study ultrasound assignments
Integrate ultrasound tech study guide tools into your program with the SonoSim integrate element

Access scanning assignments to teach imaging protocols published by professional society guidelines, including AIUM, CAAHEP, ACEP, and more.

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