Ultrasound in Healthcare Simulation
SonoSim LiveScan®

Bring Ultrasound Simulation to Life

SonoSim LiveScan provides an immersive and versatile solution for teaching & evaluating the integration of ultrasound into medical decision-making. Compatible with live volunteers or any existing manikin, SonoSim LiveScan seamlessly adds ultrasound into scenario-based medical simulations.

SonoSim's apply element consists of LiveScan which is a cutting edge ultrasound simulator ideal for medical decision-making

Ultrasound Simulation for Standardized Patients & OSCE Exams

SonoSim LiveScan brings realism to ultrasound simulation by instantly transforming live volunteers and manikins into patients with real pathology. This ground-breaking technology provides an immersive training experience, enabling the teaching and assessment of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in medical decision-making. Ultrasound educators can create realistic scenarios and remotely control vital signs and pathophysiologic states for highly effective, true-to-life training experiences. Expand the effectiveness of standardized patients and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) by adding ultrasound simulation.

Conduct Ultrasound Simulation Using Live Volunteers or Existing Manikins

Make Point-of-Care (POCUS) Ultrasound Simulation Simple & Effective

Take healthcare simulation to the next level by applying tags with real patient pathologies on any model or manikin
Learners use medical decision-making based on SonoSim's ultrasound simulation software
Control patient pathophysiologic states from another device to enhance ultrasound simulation
  • Conduct realistic, live ultrasound simulation sessions with SonoSim LiveScan ultrasound simulation software & hardware
  • Focus on the practical use of ultrasound in medical decision-making and evaluating its use in real-time scenarios.
  • Effortlessly convert any manikin or live volunteer into a "patient" exhibiting genuine pathology.
  • Use SonoSim LiveScan's advanced ultrasound simulation technology to create a high-fidelity, simulated clinical scenario with ultrasound.
LiveScan allows you to apply tags with pathology to a real person for an enhanced simulation in healthcare
Real anatomy and pathology makes LiveScan a more realistic ultrasound simulator


- Anatomy
- Pathology
- Patient Cases
- Ultrasound Imagery

LiveScan is portable for ultrasound simulation anywhere


- Laptop
- SonoSim LiveScan Tags
- SonoSim Probe
- Manikin Optional

LiveScan is much more cost-effective than hiring volunteers for healthcare simulation


- Convert existing manikins or volunteers into “patients” with pathology
- Vary scenarios and cases to maximize learning

Integrate Real Pathologies into Ultrasound Simulation Scenarios

Maximize Simulation-Based Training Realism with SonoSim LiveScan

Patient pathology is customizable in this ultrasound simulator which can make no two cases the same

SonoSim LiveScan® uses real pathologic ultrasound cases, bolstering ultrasound educators' creativity. They can build customized, realistic, and immersive ultrasound training simulations, with more than a million potential combinations. SonoSim LiveScan is ideal for teaching and assessing how well learners integrate ultrasound findings towards medical decision-making during standardized patient examinations, and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs).

LiveScan ultrasound simulation logo

Scan Real Patient Pathology

CaseBuilder healthcare simulation symbol

Create Realistic Scenarios

Symbol for remote control of pathophysiologic states in our ultrasound simulation software

Control Vital Signs &
Pathophysiologic States Remotely

Leverage Pre-Designed Scenarios or Customize Your Own with SonoSim LiveScan

Over 1 million unique ultrasound simulation scenarios

Harness the power of ultrasound simulation with SonoSim LiveScan, offering educators access to hundreds of pathologies spanning diverse medical conditions. With the innovative CaseBuilder feature, create over a million unique teaching simulations tailored to enhance learning experiences in ultrasound education.

Unique Scenarios

Immersive Ultrasound Simulation for Enhanced Learning

Use Real Pathologic Cases & Control Pathophysiologic States in Response to Learner Decisions

SonoSim LiveScan® incorporates a CaseController feature, empowering instructors to deliver immersive, engaging, and dynamic ultrasound simulation scenarios. Effortlessly control essential vitals such as heart rate and respiratory rate in real-time, from any location, using any connected device. Adapt pathophysiologic states based on the learner's medical decision-making to create true-to-life training experiences.

Use LiveScan on a laptop and CaseController on a mobile device for streamlined ultrasound simulation
Different body models expand the use cases for this ultrasound simulator

How SonoSim LiveScan Works

Add Ultrasound to Simulations with Real Pathologic Cases in 3 Easy Steps

Apply tags to begin ultrasound simulation

Step 1:

Apply Tags

Apply the SonoSim LiveScan® tags to your chosen subject, seamlessly integrating ultrasound simulation technology into your learning environment.

Choose a pre-configured scenario or make your own for healthcare simulation

Step 2:

Choose a SonoSim Pre-Configured Scenario, or Create Your Own Scenario

Use the power of SonoSim LiveScan's CaseBuilder to build a fully customized ultrasound training scenario, tailored to meet specific learning objectives and enhance the educational simulation experience.

Manage the scenarios remotely and watch the ultrasound simulation come to life

Step 3:

Remotely Manage Ultrasound Simulation Scenarios

Effortlessly oversee and control all aspects of any simulation scenario, including vital signs and pathophysiologic states, using SonoSim LiveScan's advanced remote control features accessible through any connected device. Enhance the dynamic learning experience in real time.

Download Your Guide to SonoSim LiveScan

Discover How to Bring Ultrasound Simulation to Life.

Download the brochure to learn more about LiveScan and simulation in healthcare
Download the guide to learn the steps to optimized healthcare simulation
Download the brochure and learn more about unique pathologies available in our ultrasound simulator


Can I buy SonoSim LiveScan separately?

Yes. While for most programs the full SonoSim Ecosystem is best, and there are advantages to buying the full set of ultrasound education tools and resources, we do sell the SonoSim LiveScan separately.

How do you onboard clients who buy your products?

Our team is dedicated to your success with ultrasound education and training.  Our tools are only as good as we make them together in your particular program.  We conduct virtual and in-person onboarding sessions and have US-based, dedicated support team members to work with you.

Do you offer SonoSim LiveScan workshop support?

Yes, we do offer a service for supporting your workshops with SonoSim LiveScan.  Please contact us for more information.

The SonoSim Ecosystem

Comprehensive Ultrasound Learning & Teaching

Study tools enhance learnings from ultrasound simulation

Case-based learning & reference tools advance training on-the-go

SonoSim LiveScan
LiveScan in a powerful tool for optimizing healthcare simulation

Apply U/S knowledge in medical decision-making

Integrate the ultrasound simulation software seamlessly into your program

Integrate ultrasound into curricula

Performance Tracker
Track learners' ultrasound simulation images and course progress with SonoSim Performance Tracker

Streamline performance tracking & image review

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Practice ultrasound-guided procedures on your computer with our ultrasound simulator

U/S-guided procedure training with real-time feedback

Learn relevant anatomy and ultrasound imaging techniques in SonoSim courses before starting each ultrasound simulation

On-demand access to world-class ultrasound educators

Bedside Clinical Practice

SonoSim complements bedside learning & accelerates the path to ultrasound competency

Scan through unique patient pathologies in our ultrasound simulation software and refine your scanning skills

Provide unlimited scanning of real patient pathology

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Flexible Learning Pathways

A Customizable Ecosystem for Every Program

Learn offers over 80 courses in ultrasound imaging and complements ultrasound simulation and bedside clinical scanning

80+ Ultrasound Courses across a wide array of ultrasound topics and learning levels.

A growing library of Challenge Cases enable learners to scan new pathologies & acquire new skills.

Study tools promote knowledge retention after taking courses and using our ultrasound simulator
Ultrasound simulation software in the practice element allows learners to perform procedures in a risk-free environment

SonoSim offers a safe environment for learning ultrasound-guided procedures, equipping practitioners with the skills and confidence to meet the standard of care.

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