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Self-Paced, Remote Ultrasound Learning

While we aren't a school ourselves, we support many academic programs & sonography schools with robust, realistic, yet remote ultrasound training capabilities.

SonoSim is a self-paced remote ultrasound learning platform that combines online multimedia courses and hands-on scanning of real patient cases applied to virtual patients. Courses are interactive and cloud-based, including video, case studies & more. SonoSim members also get access to our patented SonoSimulator software & probe that allow access to unlimited scanning of real pathologic cases on a laptop.


Looking for a Sonography School?

We're glad you're considering a career in ultrasound. We aren't a school ourselves, but we work with a lot of them and are happy to support you in a variety of ways. We have resources for you to help you find a sonography school. We also have a discounted student membership that can be purchased while you are enrolled.

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Looking for an Ultrasound School?

Here are some resources for you.


Medical Students! Looking to Excel in Rotations?

We're thrilled to hear you're passionate about ultrasound. We are too! We work with a lot of medical schools to advance learning overall with ultrasound, but some students often want more comprehensive ultrasound training than some schools provide. That's why we're offering a discounted student membership that can be purchased while you are enrolled. If you sign up and dedicate time to learning ultrasound, it will advance your understanding of patient anatomy and pathologies, as well as your performance during clinical rotations.

New for 2023 - Introducing SonoSim's Student All-Access Membership

Take advantage of educational discounts up to 12 months after graduation.**

SonoSim appreciates the challenges you face in developing ultrasound knowledge and skills.

Now, with our student/recent graduate membership, you can access all the courses, scanning cases, & study tools SonoSim offers for up to 12 months after graduation at special discounted pricing.**

We want to support you as you embark on your career. Prepare for boards or refresh your knowledge regularly. Study for certification exams like the SPI exam or use our Courses & QuestionBank to refresh your knowledge. Build a portfolio of solid ultrasound imagery in the SonoSimulator® for job applications, credentialing and more. And study on-the-go with our mobile app, SPI Test Prep, and QuestionBank functionality.

The Student All Access SonoSim Membership is not eligible for CME/CEU credit.

Get full access to the entire SonoSim Ecosystem, which is growing all the time:

  • Online Ultrasound Training Courses (80+)
  • Ultrasound Videos (6500+)
  • Ultrasound Case Studies (1000+)
  • Knowledge Check Questions (1500+)
  • Mastery Test Questions (1600+)
  • SonoSimulator Software & Probe for Virtual Hands-on Scanning (1)
  • Virtually Scan Real Cases (1000s of windows)
  • Scanning Practice on Real Pathology (Unlimited)
  • Image Acquisition & Interpretation Guidance (Unlimited)
  • SPI Test Prep Quizzes & Mock Exams (800+ Questions)
  • Certificate of Completion (80+)
  • Personal Ultrasound Image Portfolio (Unlimited)
  • & More
** US & Canadian DMS & medical students only. Must be currently enrolled or within 1 post-graduation. Renewable annually while you are in school and up to 12 months after graduation.
Ultrasound tech school student scanning a case in the SonoSimulator
Sonography school student scanning a MSK case using SonoSim

Resources on How to Become a Sonographer 

There are around 800 sonography schools in the United States, including CAAHEP-, ARRT-, ABHES-, & CCI-accredited, as well as non-accredited programs.  Below is a list of resources to help you locate a school that meets your needs.

Common Barriers to Ultrasound Training 

Traditional ultrasound training methods can present hurdles to achieving ultrasound competency.  This often can limit in-depth ultrasound learning in school as well as in medical practice. These barriers can be effectively mitigated through ultrasound simulation with SonoSim.

Ultrasound screen iconography symbolizing the scarcity of ultrasound-trained faculty members

Limited Ultrasound- Trained Faculty

Microscope icon symbolizing the learning barrier of inconsistent access to pathology

Inconsistent Access to Pathology

Ultrasound icon symbolizing the learning barrier of lack of ultrasound machines

Lack of Ultrasound Machines

Exam icon symbolizing absence of performance assessment resources learning barrier

No Performance Assessment Resources

Calendar icon symbolizing the learning barrier of restricted time in curriculum

Restricted Time in Curriculum

Orange icon symbolizing the learning barrier of adequate funding


SonoSim's Comprehensive Ultrasound Training Ecosystem

Self-Paced Remote Ultrasound Learning & Scanning that Supports Students

Phone displaying SonoSim study tools that help accelerate learning in ultrasound school

Case-based learning & reference tools advance training on-the-go

SonoSim LiveScan
Learner scanning LiveScan tags on a live model as a part of ultrasound school

Apply U/S knowledge in medical decision-making

Integrate SonoSim into your ultrasound tech school with our online integration tools

Integrate ultrasound into curricula

Performance Tracker
Track your progress in SonoSim while in sonography school and review your ultrasound images

Streamline performance tracking & image review

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Practice ultrasound-guided procedures in a risk-free virtual environment with SonoSim's practice element

U/S-guided procedure training with real-time feedback

Learn anatomy and ultrasound techniques to complement your ultrasound school training with SonoSim courses

On-demand access to world-class ultrasound educators

Bedside Clinical Practice

SonoSim complements bedside learning & accelerates the path to ultrasound competency

Learner scanning in the SonoSimulator to practice and refine scanning skills learned in sonography school

Provide unlimited scanning of real patient pathology

Unlock the Power of Ultrasound at Your Program

Connect us with your Program Director.

The SonoSim ultrasound training ecosystem for ultrasound school and POCUS learners

**Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the SonoSim Student - Graduate All Access Membership, you must be either:

1) a current student1 at an accredited diagnostic medical sonography (DMS) program, medical school, or
2) a recent graduate2, less than 12 months from graduation, from a DMS, medical residency program, or undergraduate medical school that offered SonoSim to you while you were enrolled.

1 Proof of active enrollment and projected or actual graduation date required.
2 Renewable annually while you are in school and for 1 year following graduation.