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Boost your academic progress as a medical or sonography student with SonoSim's immersive resources. Discover how mastering ultrasound techniques can simplify your studies. Develop a deep, intuitive grasp of anatomy & physiology through the virtual scanning of authentic patient cases and exploration of actual pathologies. Enjoy unrestricted access to a rich library of content equivalent to 30+ textbooks, complemented by an endless supply of expert-explained ultrasound videos and scanning opportunities. Engage in a comprehensive, long-term virtual clinical rotation right on your laptop.

  • Build your knowledge of ultrasound fundamentals, anatomy & physiology & pathology
  • Develop your ultrasound image acquisition & interpretation ability
  • Capture solid imagery for your U/S image portfolio in the SonoSimulator®
  • Practice on advanced cases with our ever-expanding Challenge Case library
  • Study on-the-go on any device, with a mobile app and QuestionBank quizzes
  • Invest in interactive preparation for boards or other tests... even prepare for the SPI Exam (if applicable)
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As a forward-thinking medical student, you understand the value of comprehensive ultrasound training. That's why we've created the SonoSim All-Access Membership educational discount - to offer you a deeper dive into the world of ultrasound studies, beyond what your school curriculum provides. Available at a special student rate, this membership enhances your grasp on patient anatomy and pathologies, preparing you to excel during clinical rotations. Make the most of your educational journey with SonoSim.

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**Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for the SonoSim All Access Membership Educational Discount, you must be either:

1) a current student1 at an accredited diagnostic medical sonography (DMS) program or medical school in the US or Canada, or
2) a recent graduate2, less than 12 months from graduation, from a DMS or undergraduate medical school in the US or Canada, or

3) actively engaged in a residency program.

1 Proof of active enrollment and projected or actual graduation date required.
2 Renewable annually while you are in school and for 1 year following graduation.