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We partner with you to build a successful ultrasound training program for your organization. SonoSim's comprehensive approach to integration, including tools, experts, resources, and dedicated support services, will simplify the process of seamlessly integrating ultrasound education into your curriculum. Our ecosystem empowers educators and learners to access the full potential of ultrasound. 

SonoSim's integrate element assists in seamlessly incorporating SonoSim into your ultrasound curriculum

Simplify Ultrasound Training with SonoSim

Ultrasound curriculum integration can seem like an unsolvable puzzle, even for the most committed ultrasound professional. SonoSim helps DMS & POCUS educators integrate ultrasound into curricula. We provide a wide range of resources that make this process easy. With SonoSim, you can streamline ultrasound program development and provide your learners with the ultrasound training resources they need to succeed.

Ultrasound Curriculum Mapping Resources

SonoSim's Expansive Content Libary Matches With Guidelines & Recommendations

SonoSim's training content tightly aligns with a variety of published guidelines from professional societies and institutions. Use our curated resources and mappings to seamlessly integrate ultrasound education into your curriculum, adhering to best practices and guidelines.

We use CAAHEP standards for integrated ultrasound tech curriculum
We adhere to AIUM standards for point-of-care ultrasound curriculum integration

SonoSim's Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) training content adheres to accreditation requirements published by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)  and consensus-based guidelines generated by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM).

SonoSim's Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) training content can be customized to the desired educational outcomes of individual graduate medical education (GME) and undergraduate medical (UME) programs. Curriculum maps exist for a variety of GME specialties and UME educational pathways, including:

  • ACEP for Emergency Medicine physicians
  • SCCM for Critical Care specialists
  • AAFP for Family Medicine practitioners
  • ACOG for OB/GYN specialists
  • AIUM topic-specific practice parameters
  • And more...

Scanning Assignments Help Develop Ultrasound Skills

Hands-On Scanning Objectives Map to DMS Imaging & POCUS Scanning Objectives

SonoSim simplifies the process of integrating ultrasound education by providing turnkey scanning assignments for hands-on scanning cases. These learner-specific Assignments bridge the gap between didactic instruction and learning how to scan by transforming each concept into an assessable scanning task. 

Our DMS Protocol Assignments help learners develop the ability to execute a variety of scanning protocols that adhere to respective professional society guidelines such as the AIUM, American College of Radiology (ACR), Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound (SRU), among others.

Learner scanning through an assignment on her laptop as part of her ultrasound curriculum
POCUS learners also benefit from scanning assignments for their point-of-care ultrasound curriculum

POCUS learners will acquire the critical image acquisition and interpretation skills that correspond to associated SonoSim Courses by using SonoSim Scanning Assignments.

Comprehensive Course Outlines for Effective Integrated Ultrasound Education

Defining Clear Learning Goals & Objectives for Integrated Ultrasound Education Pathways

SonoSim provides searchable course outlines to help instructors link ultrasound education activities to in-class instruction, creating a cohesive learning experience for everyone. These clearly structured outlines facilitate the seamless integration of ultrasound training into your existing curriculum. These tools assist both DMS and POCUS programs with the right content at the right time.

Course outlines give instructors a guide on how to use SonoSim for an integrated ultrasound education

Ultrasound Learner Evaluation

Score & Review Ultrasound Knowledge Checks & Mastery Exams

Answer keys are a resource for quick instructor grading throughout their ultrasound curriculum teaching requirements

SonoSim streamlines the assessment process by automatically scoring and grading Knowledge Checks & Mastery Exams in real-time. This feature helps instructors and program administrators efficiently review exam answers. Comprehensive answer keys help ensure accurate evaluation of students' understanding of ultrasound concepts.

Quickly & Easily Find Cases

Identify Case Pathologies, Features & Modalities to Support Curricular Needs

The SonoSimulator offers thousands of scanning cases from real patients, including hundreds of real pathologies.  SonoSim LiveScan® enables the creation of over one million case combinations.

So, how can you find what you are looking for? 

SonoSim has made it simple to search for a specific pathology or specific ultrasound application, such as Doppler. Effortlessly find any pathology or ultrasound skill available in the SonoSim Ecosystem, using our advanced search capabilities.

Case findings describe which piece of your ultrasound curriculum can be found in each case


Can I see a list of the content you have to see how it matches my curriculum?

Absolutely!  We have a lot of content mappings but each program is unique.  Review all our ultrasound training content here.

How does SonoSim typically integrate with an existing curriculum?

SonoSim can be customized to any program curriculum. We schedule a discovery & implementation session to kick off your SonoSim membership.  In this call, we discuss your program & needs and discuss relevant ways your program can integrate SonoSim. 

SonoSim Support - Real People, Live Support, Helpful Conversations

Dedicated Partners to Ensure Seamless SonoSim Ultrasound Education Integration

Contact our live support team for more help building an integrated ultrasound curriculum with SonoSim

We offer more than an ecosystem of useful ultrasound training tools and resources - we are your partner. Being a SonoSim client gives your team direct access to our expert support staff. We are here to help you successfully integrate ultrasound into your educational curriculum or improve and expand your existing program.

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The SonoSim Ultrasound Education Ecosystem

Comprehensive Ultrasound Learning & Teaching Platform

Study enhances ultrasound tech curriculum and point of care ultrasound curriculum with review tools content on the go

Case-based learning & reference tools advance training on-the-go

SonoSim LiveScan
Apply knowledge in simulated medical decision-making scenarios for point-of-care ultrasound curriculum

Apply U/S knowledge in medical decision-making

Integrate SonoSim into your ultrasound curriculum with our integration tools and guides

Integrate ultrasound into curricula

Performance Tracker
Track learner progress through ultrasound tech curriculum or point-of-care ultrasound curriculum

Streamline performance tracking & image review

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Enhance point of care ultrasound curriculum with ultrasound-guided procedures in a virtual environment

U/S-guided procedure training with real-time feedback

Learn ultrasound curriculum requirements by starting in our cloud-based didactic courses

On-demand access to world-class ultrasound educators

Bedside Clinical Practice

SonoSim complements bedside learning & accelerates the path to ultrasound competency

Scan and refine your image acquisition and interpretation skills to get the most out of your ultrasound curriculum

Provide unlimited scanning of real patient pathology

The SonoSim ecosystem enhances ultrasound training through an integrated ultrasound education

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Flexible Learning Pathways

A Customizable Ecosystem for Every Program

80+ ultrasound courses in our course library for point-of-care ultrasound curriculum

80+ Ultrasound Courses across a wide array of topics & learning levels

A growing library of Challenge Cases to continually scan new pathologies & acquire new skills.

Study tools enhance ultrasound tech curriculum with tools like SPI test prep
LiveScan boosts point-of-care ultrasound curriculum by applying ultrasound knowledge to medical decision-making

An advanced, versatile ultrasound simulation resource for healthcare education. Realistic scenarios, remote control of vital signs, and immersive training.

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