7 Benefits of the SonoSim LiveScan Probe

Complete your ultrasound curriculum with SonoSim! Create scanning scenarios with real pathology applied to live volunteers or existing manikins.

What is SonoSim LiveScan? 

SonoSim LiveScan brings healthcare simulation to life through the power of ultrasound.

SonoSim LiveScan overcomes the challenge of having real patients readily available during medical training by instantly transforming a live volunteer or manikin -- even something as anatomically simple as a teddy bear -- into an ultrasound training subject with real patient pathologies. With a rich library of pre-configured cases, as well as the ability to build your own, instructors can teach and assess the integration of ultrasound findings into medical decision-making. SonoSim LiveScan® with CaseBuilder and CaseController is a perfect solution for integrating dynamic ultrasound into standardized patient examinations and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs).

The SonoSim LiveScan Probe is a simulation probe. Interested in learning about the different types of probes used in ultrasound?

The Benefits of SonoSim LiveScan

1. Remote and in-person learning

Due to its portable nature, SonoSim LiveScan is laptop-based and works wherever there is an internet connection. The SonoSim Probe and SonoSim LiveScan Tags enable scanning of real-patient scenarios and pathology. Utilize any video conferencing software to run a remote simulation with SonoSim LiveScan. Instructors can also create their own unique training scenarios with the cloud-based SonoSim CaseBuilder.

2. Person or manikin use

SonoSim LiveScan can be used on any person, with the following exceptions: SonoSim LiveScan Tags must NOT be used on anyone with an electronic pacemaker, implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, or other implantable electronic medical device. SonoSim LiveScan components may interfere with such medical devices. SonoSim LiveScan should not be used in conjunction with the Laerdal-SonoSim Ultrasound Solution or its manikins.

We have 3 manikin body models available: female, male, and pregnant females (early and late stage).

3. Enhance Bedside Training

SonoSim LiveScan is ideal for teaching and assessing how well learners integrate ultrasound findings towards medical decision-making during standardized patient examinations, and Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCEs).

Test and train in ultrasound image acquisition and interpretation skills, including recognition of key anatomical landmarks, important image artifacts, and both unique and common pathologies.

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4. Portable

All you need is a laptop, RFID tags, and a SonoSim probe, manikin is not required. Ultrasound training from anywhere! 

5. Realistic

We keep it real. SonoSim LiveScan featuring CaseBuilder allows ultrasound educators to unleash their creativity and apply their own knowledge to create realistic and customized ultrasound training simulations. Real anatomy, pathology, patient cases, and real imagery. 

6. Control 

SonoSim LiveScan featuring CaseController allows instructors to create highly-engaging, responsive and immersive simulations. Control key vitals, like heart rate and respiratory rate, creating real-world variations in real-time, from anywhere, via any connected device.

7. Pre-Configured Training Cases

Selecting from hundreds of pathologies, covering a wide spectrum of medical conditions, educators can create well over one million unique teaching simulations using CaseBuilder.

Ready to start learning with the SonoSim LiveScan?

The SonoSim Ultrasound Training Ecosystem includes not only SonoSim LiveScan, but a full ecosystem of ultrasound learning and teaching tools. We would love to set up a custom demonstration for you.

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