Using Ultrasound to Measure Pulmonary Edema in Acute Heart Failure

Read an article from the American Journal of Emergency Medicine revealing the potential of lung ultrasound to better inform medical decision-making.

Resolution of Sonographic B-lines as a Measure of Pulmonary Decongestion in Acute Heart Failure


SONOSIM SUMMARY: This article outlines clinical applications of ultrasonography as an objective and direct measure of pulmonary edema in cases of acute heart failure. The study specifies that the summation of B-lines and/or quantification of positive or negative findings in lung zones may be helpful in gauging pulmonary edema severity. Identifying symptoms of heart failure, and stratifying risk. The authors conclude that ultrasonography shows promising potential as an objective measure of pulmonary edema in cases of acute heart failure; however, more research is needed for a standardized approach to be developed.

Martindale, J. L. (2016). Resolution of sonographic B-lines as a measure of pulmonary decongestion in acute heart failure. The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 34(6), 1129-1132. doi:http://dx.doi.org.libproxy1.usc.edu/10.1016/j.ajem.2016.03.043


Objective noninvasive measures of dyspnea in patients with developing heart failure are lacking. In this review, we describe lung ultrasound as a tool to estimate the degree of pulmonary congestion in patients presenting with acute heart failure and to monitor therapeutic efficacy. Serial semiquantitative measures of sonographic B-lines in acute heart failure patients can be converted to pulmonary edema scores obtained at admission and hospital discharge. These scores provide prognostic information for short-term clinical outcomes. Lung ultrasound has the potential to measure changes in pulmonary edema during acute heart failure management and improve risk stratification.

To read the article, visit the American Journal of Emergency Medicine

SonoSim Keywords: Pulmonary Decongestion, Ultrasound, Sonographic B-Line, Pulmonary Edema, Acute Heart Failure

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