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SonoSim® CaseBuilder allows you to create customized ultrasound training cases. This groundbreaking technology unleashes the creativity of ultrasound educators worldwide and allows them to apply their knowledge.

SonoSim® CaseBuilder is a SonoSim LiveScan® add-on feature, and further extends its ultrasound simulation capabilities.

SonoSim® CaseBuilder

SonoSim® CaseBuilder is available as a SonoSim LiveScan® add-on feature.

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SonoSim® CaseBuilder in 6 Easy Steps

Using SonoSim® CaseBuilder, ultrasound instructors select from a series of ultrasound imaging protocol templates or create a customized imaging protocol. Instructors then seamlessly review a series of ultrasound data sets and import either normal or pathologic findings into a designated ultrasound imaging window. 

Instructors are able to publish the ultrasound training case with a touch of a keypad. Learners can train on the newly created case using SonoSim LiveScan®. With hundreds of SonoSim LiveScan® ultrasound data sets to choose from and multiple imaging window combinations, the possibilities are limitless. 

  • Step 1. Select an ultrasound imaging protocol.
    SonoSim® CaseBuilder Home page
  • Step 2. Click on ultrasound imaging window.
    SonoSim® CaseBuilder Select Point
  • Step 3. Browse available ultrasound findings.
    SonoSim® CaseBuilder Browse Points
  • Step 4. Review expert instructor Findings video.
    SonoSim.® CaseBuilder Review Video
  • Step 5. Author a case history, save, and publish case.
    SonoSim® CaseBuilder Save Case
  • Step 6. Scan new case with SonoSim LiveScan®.
    SonoSim LiveScan® Tag Scanning