SonoSim is proud to launch the most comprehensive standardized computer-based OB-GYN training curriculum ever released. SonoSim’s OB-GYN Modules will deliver over 55 hours of outstanding quality OB-GYN training across a broad spectrum of topics.

Comprehensive OB-GYN Training Curriculum Now Available

Ultrasound Simulator for OB-GYN Package

SonoSim is launching over 55 hours of comprehensive OB-GYN training specifically designed to help DMS programs prepare students for careers in OB-GYN sonography.

The standardized curriculum is organized into 14 SonoSim® Modules including over 125 SonoSimulator® hands-on training cases across a variety of essential OB-GYN topics.

Each SonoSim® Module consists of didactic lessons, knowledge assessment, and SonoSimulator® hands-on training cases.

Modules Outlines

GYN Ultrasound of Nonpregnant Normal Uterus

OBGYN Normal Uterus

GYN Ultrasound of Nonpregnant Normal Uterus: Advanced Clinical Module

  • Lesson: Introduction
    • Introduction to Ultrasound of the Normal Uterus
    • Ultrasound Examination Indications
  • Lesson: Normal Anatomy
    • Pelvic Anatomy: Sagittal View
    • Pelvic Anatomy: Axial View
    • Pelvic Anatomy: Coronal View
    • Reproductive Tract
    • Reproductive-Tract Vasculature
  • Lesson: Female Pelvis Physiology
    • Histophysiology: Ovaries & Uterus
    • Histophysiology: Uterine Cycle
    • Histophysiology: Ovarian Cycle
    • Physiologic Free Fluid
    • Endometrial Echo
  • Lesson: General Considerations
    • Patient Preparation
    • Transducer Selection & Orientation
    • Transducer Preparation
    • Infection Control: Low-Level Transducer Disinfection
    • Infection Control: High-Level Transducer Disinfection
    • Infection Control: Sterilization & Infection Prevention
  • Lesson: Sonographic Imaging
    • Gynecologic Imaging Techniques
    • Transabdominal Technique
  • Lesson: Transabdominal Sonographic Technique
    • Transabdominal Technique
    • Transabdominal: Sagittal View
    • Transabdominal: Transverse View
  • Lesson: Transvaginal Sonographic Technique
    • Transducer Orientation
    • Image Display Convention
    • Imaging-View Nomenclature
    • Midsagittal-View Imaging
    • Normal Uterine Positions
    • Anteflexion & Retroflexion
    • Myometrial Imaging
    • Endometrial Imaging
    • Endometrial Phasic Changes
    • Cervix Imaging
    • Uterine Dimensions
    • Transverse-Plane Imaging
    • Müllerian-Malformation Screening
    • Midcoronal Plane of Uterus
    • 3D Ultrasound of Uterus
  • Lesson: Case Studies
    • Case Study: Posterior Cul-de-Sac Free Fluid
    • Case Study: IUD
  • Lesson: Summary
    • Imaging Tips & Pitfalls
    • Summary

GYN Ultrasound of Nonpregnant Abnormal Uterus – Part I

GYN Ultrasound of Nonpregnant Abnormal Uterus – Part II

GYN Ultrasound Normal Adnexa

GYN Ultrasound Nonmalignant Adnexal Conditions

GYN Ultrasound Malignant Adnexal Conditions