SonoSim is proud to launch the most comprehensive computer-based OB-GYN training curriculum ever released. The curriculum helps programs deliver high quality, standardized education that matches the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) Consensus Recommendations published in 2018.

Comprehensive OB-GYN Training Curriculum Now Available

Ultrasound Simulator for OB-GYN Package

SonoSim is launching over 55 hours of comprehensive OB-GYN training specifically designed to help OB-GYN practices including graduate medical education programs training residents, DMS programs preparing students for careers in OB-GYN sonography, and simulation centers training in OB-GYN ultrasound.

The standardized curriculum is organized into 14 SonoSim Modules including over 125 SonoSimulator hands-on training cases across a variety of essential OB-GYN topics.

Each SonoSim Module consists of didactic lessons, knowledge assessment, and SonoSimulator hands-on training cases.

Modules Outlines

GYN Ultrasound of Nonpregnant Normal Uterus

OBGYN Normal Uterus

GYN Ultrasound of Nonpregnant Normal Uterus: Advanced Clinical Module

  • Lesson: Introduction
    • Introduction to Ultrasound of the Normal Uterus
    • Ultrasound Examination Indications
  • Lesson: Normal Anatomy
    • Pelvic Anatomy: Sagittal View
    • Pelvic Anatomy: Axial View
    • Pelvic Anatomy: Coronal View
    • Reproductive Tract
    • Reproductive-Tract Vasculature
  • Lesson: Female Pelvis Physiology
    • Histophysiology: Ovaries & Uterus
    • Histophysiology: Uterine Cycle
    • Histophysiology: Ovarian Cycle
    • Physiologic Free Fluid
    • Endometrial Echo
  • Lesson: General Considerations
    • Patient Preparation
    • Transducer Selection & Orientation
    • Transducer Preparation
    • Infection Control: Low-Level Transducer Disinfection
    • Infection Control: High-Level Transducer Disinfection
    • Infection Control: Sterilization & Infection Prevention
  • Lesson: Sonographic Imaging
    • Gynecologic Imaging Techniques
    • Transabdominal Technique
  • Lesson: Transabdominal Sonographic Technique
    • Transabdominal Technique
    • Transabdominal: Sagittal View
    • Transabdominal: Transverse View
  • Lesson: Transvaginal Sonographic Technique
    • Transducer Orientation
    • Image Display Convention
    • Imaging-View Nomenclature
    • Midsagittal-View Imaging
    • Normal Uterine Positions
    • Anteflexion & Retroflexion
    • Myometrial Imaging
    • Endometrial Imaging
    • Endometrial Phasic Changes
    • Cervix Imaging
    • Uterine Dimensions
    • Transverse-Plane Imaging
    • Müllerian-Malformation Screening
    • Midcoronal Plane of Uterus
    • 3D Ultrasound of Uterus
  • Lesson: Case Studies
    • Case Study: Posterior Cul-de-Sac Free Fluid
    • Case Study: IUD
  • Lesson: Summary
    • Imaging Tips & Pitfalls
    • Summary

GYN Ultrasound of Nonpregnant Abnormal Uterus – Part I

GYN Ultrasound of Nonpregnant Abnormal Uterus – Part II

GYN Ultrasound Normal Adnexa

GYN Ultrasound Nonmalignant Adnexal Conditions

GYN Ultrasound Malignant Adnexal Conditions