SonoSim® Performance Tracker

Track performance metrics in one seamless interface.

Take Control of Your Ultrasound Classroom

Specifically designed for “flipped classrooms,” or remote learning environments, Performance Tracker helps manage student course completion and test scores through an intuitive visual dashboard. Both online course performance and saved ultrasound images from SonoSimulator® hands-on scanning sessions are stored for feedback and review by course instructors.

24/7 Performance Tracking & Visual Analytics

Performance Tracker provides instructors, administrators, and students with visual access to student progress. The dashboard allows:

  • Access to cloud-based, real-time performance data
  • Creation of interactive views of metrics

One Dashboard to Manage Any Classroom

Accessible Tools that are LMS-friendly

Learner Progress & Performance Tracking

  • Course Completion
  • Mastery Test Scores Over Time
  • Scanning Case Completion & Proficiency
  • User Management

High-Level Overview of Learner Performance

Detailed Progress Reporting

Review Learners’ Images

Manage Users

Automated Image Assessment

Save Time & Standardize Ultrasound Image Review

Standardize image assessment can dramatically increase efficiency when evaluating ultrasound image acquisition skills. Automated Image Assessment (AIA), powered by artificial intelligence (AI), standardizes reviews between students, cohorts, & classrooms. This reduces the time and cost of ultrasound image review, allowing ultrasound instructors to use their time to enhance ultrasound programming.

  • Automatically assess learners’ image acquisition skills, comparing saved image with optimal images
  • Save time and reduce human subjectivity
  • Standardize analysis instantly
  • Review significant numbers of images simultaneously

How It Works

1. Instructors download either a SonoSim Module Assignment or DMS Protocol Assignment** and send to learners.

2. Learners complete the SonoSim Assignment, saving images in the SonoSimulator®.

3. Turning on the Automated Assessment feature will activate automatic grading of saved SonoSim Assignment images**.

** Specific to your license & Currently available for SonoSim A&P Modules.

Ultrasound Image Portfolios

Set Learners Up for Success

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, learners need to demonstrate ultrasound competency. With SonoSim, you can support learners as they move beyond your program. Give them access to their results and allow them to put together portfolios for job applications and residency programs. A comprehensive image portfolio & report of scores can help with credentialing and the demonstration of competency required at many programs and institutions.

Download Detailed Progress & Score reporting

Download Learner Image Portfolio