An Ultrasound Classroom That Works for You

Specifically designed for “flipped classrooms,” or remote learning environments, Performance Tracker helps manage student course completion and test scores through an intuitive visual dashboard. Both online course performance and saved ultrasound images from SonoSimulator® hands-on scanning sessions are stored for feedback and review by course instructors.


24/7 Performance Tracking & Visual Analytics

Performance Tracker provides instructors, administrators, and students with visual access to student progress. The dashboard allows:

  • Access to cloud-based, real-time performance data
  • Creation of interactive views of metrics
SonoSim® Performance Tracker

Performance Tracker Features

Student Portal

Instructor Portal

Track and assess student progress
Create interactive Radial and Table views analyzing performance metrics
Access student saved SonoSimulator ultrasound images and annotations
View Mastery Test scores
Receive updated real-time data
Create groups and subgroups
Acquire Course Outlines for each module
Access suggested Module Assignments for curriculum integration
Access Mastery Test Answer Keys
Measure group, subgroup, or individual course completion progress
Export comprehensive data as a spreadsheet or PDF


Individual Performance Insights

The Student Portal gives students the ability to track their progress in one simple interface. Saved SonoSimulator ultrasound images and their annotations will display on a per-module basis that instructors can simultaneously view. With interactive Radial and Table views, students can view Mastery Test scores, educational hours per module, and completion percentages for each SonoSim Course.
Access Performance Tracker: Student Portal

Dynamic Group & Individual Performance Analytics


The Instructor Portal provides instructors and administrators holistic account management and tools for curriculum integration. View performance metrics across an entire classroom or amongst individual students with the option to export data as a spreadsheet or PDF. Instructors may access suggested Module Assignments for curriculum integration and then view saved SonoSimulator ultrasound images for individual students. All student data is updated to the cloud in real-time, providing up-to-the-second progress.

Access Performance Tracker: Instructor Portal

*SonoSim Performance Tracker is available to instructors and system administrators with the purchase of SonoSim Group License Packages.