Cummings Foundation Backs SonoSim Tech at Trocaire for Continued Use

The James H. Cummings Foundation has funded a second year of SonoSim simulation technology for Trocaire College with a recent grant of $26,340.

The James H. Cummings Foundation has funded a second year of SonoSim simulation technology for Trocaire College with a recent grant of $26,340.

The SonoSim software simulates a broad range of life-like clinical ultrasound scenarios with both normal and abnormal pathologies for students in the college’s Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) and Echocardiography (Echo) certificate programs. The experience also includes gel pads and “sonosimulator” wands, which replicate the experience of using an actual ultrasound probe on real patients.

The Foundation funded the initial purchase of the program in 2019, demonstrating a commitment to advancing medical education and patient care through technology. The cutting-edge software includes content lectures, hands-on assignments to obtain images and measurements, and a concluding test to evaluate learning outcomes. This sort of simulation provides a dynamic training environment where students can practice essential competencies until they are proficient. Its innovative approach bridges the gap between traditional classroom learning and real-world clinical experience. The program's blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training ensures a comprehensive learning experience for students, better preparing them for a range of real-world clinical scenarios and contributing to improved patient outcomes.

We are indebted to the Cummings Foundation for its support for year two of our SonoSim technology, which provides new and continuing DMS and ECHO students an unparalleled opportunity to develop real-world ultrasonography clinical skills,” said Trocaire President Bassam M. Deeb, Ph.D. “This technology proved invaluable this spring amidst the new COVID-19 reality as students were able to complete their clinical requirements using SonoSim, allowing Trocaire to continue meeting Western New York’s critical need for skilled healthcare professionals.”

SonoSim Demonstration

A Medical Imaging student demonstrates the SonoSim software to a Cummings Foundation Board member at an event last year.

SOURCE: Trocaire College

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