System Requirements

In order to optimize your ultrasound training experience, we recommend that you run SonoSim software and access the SonoSim online services (e.g., SonoSim Courses) on a personal computer that meets the following minimum technical specifications:

Operating System*64-bit Windows 10 or newer
macOS 11 or newer (2017 model or newer)
Disk StorageAt least 2 GB free, up to a minimum of 5GB required depending on cases installed
MemoryMinimum 4 GB RAM; Recommended 8 GB RAM
Minimum screen resolution1024×768
Input PortsOne USB port, directly accessible or via USB-C adapter**
Internet ConnectionBroadband internet connection is required
Speed Requirements: Minimum 1 Mbps; Recommended 10 Mbps or higher
Internet BrowserThe three latest versions of the following browsers are supported:
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
Microsoft Edge
*Please note that SonoSim Courses are available through most web browsers, but the SonoSimulator® is not supported on ChromeBooks, tablets, or mobile devices.
** If you have a laptop with only USB-C ports, a USB-C to USB adapter is required. Please do not attempt to install with a Hub adapter as we recommend the Apple-Brand Adapter.