Flight for Life (Out-of-Hospital Care Program)

"SonoSim has been a game-changer for us..."

Scott Kunkel
Chief Administrative Officer
Flight for Life

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Angelina College Testimonial (DMS Program)

“I feel like I learned a lot of information…and you put it in ways that was easy to understand”

Sonography Students
Angelina College

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Cardinal Tech (DMS Program)

Cardinal Tech Logo"We created Cardinal Tech with the future employer in mind. All graduates initially need oversight and will learn so much from their colleagues, but our goal is to send out graduates that are ready to learn and have mastered the basics. We help accomplish this by acclimating them to labs early on, and one of the major benefits to our students has been the implementation of the SonoSim system. Not only is it exceptionally educational, it makes learning the ultrasound basics, anatomy and scan techniques fun! This has helped us integrate our students into lab much more quickly, and the more time they have scanning, the better they become. Having the SonoSim as part of our program has definitely set us apart!"


Jennifer White
Owner and Founder
Cardinal Tech - Institute of Allied Health

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Trocaire College (DMS & Echo Programs)

“This software allows our Echo and DMS students to simulate live patient imaging and gain practice conducting a wide array of ultrasound exams with both normal and abnormal pathologies. This sort of simulation in the classroom setting provides a training environment where they can learn from mistakes and practice essential competencies until they are proficient.”

Jennifer Beirdneau, MA Ed., RT(R) (MR)
Director of Medical Imaging
Trocaire College

“We are excited to be partnering with Trocaire College in the investment in this innovative SonoSim technology for educating and providing hands-on training for the college’s Medical Imaging students. We know students who complete these programs utilizing this technology will be well prepared to serve the Western New York community when they enter the healthcare workforce.”

Mary Jo Hunt
Executive Director and Secretary
James H. Cummings Foundation

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University of Manitoba (Emergency Ultrasound Residency Program)

"SonoSim has offered much excellence to our ultrasound-training program at the University of Manitoba. As the Director of Ultrasound Training for the Department of Emergency Medicine, I have found the SonoSim training modules highly innovative and well received by medical students, residents, and attending physicians. Our learners truly enjoy the SonoSim process of improving their knowledge base, and their ability to scan, as they prepare for a long-term career employing bedside ultrasound as an incredible tool in medicine. The SonoSim is also especially helpful during our credentialing Independent Practitioner workshops when learners can scan in live time on a standardized patient or mannequin to look for pathology scans that would be difficult to find in real volunteer patients.

Equally important to the highest quality software and simulators is SonoSim’s strong commitment to its clients. To be able to enhance my ultrasound curriculum for my learners, I secured one unit in 2012, two more in 2014, and am now proposing the purchase of two more units this year. For these acquisitions, the delivery, quality of products received, and accessibility for all questions, have all been superb. As the Director of a relatively new program, I can call SonoSim and be immediately directed to the appropriate team and have found instant support. Whether it has been new software to replace aging modules, new equipment to insure easy access for a growing number of learners at workshops, or assistance in having a new model to demonstrate its value in terms of a new requisition, SonoSim surpasses all expectations.

In a nutshell, SonoSim offers excellence in all of its operation. In turn, I can assure potential users that from my knowledge of other training software, equipment, and customer supports elsewhere in the market, the University of Manitoba’s Department of Emergency Medicine has found in SonoSim, the best-known training tools, service, and value available on the market."

Dr. Chau Pham, MD, FRCP, MBA
Director, Section of Ultrasound, Department of Emergency Medicine
Emergency Room Physician, St. Boniface Hospital & Health Sciences Centre
Assistant Professor, College of Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Manitoba

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Stanford University (Emergency Ultrasound Program)

“SonoSim is not only one of the best purchases we made for bedside ultrasound education, it is also the most used for our ultrasound elective and at our workshops. It has incredibly high-yield and brief didactic sessions from the best educators in the country that help introduce ultrasound to the medical student, resident, or physician who is just beginning to learn it. The hundreds of cases with varying pathology from actual cases are incredibly useful, and one of the most favorite items at the workshops. It truly is one of the best simulators around.”

Laleh Gharahbaghian MD, FACEP, FAAEM
Clinical Assistant Professor
Director, Emergency Ultrasound Program
Co-Director, Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship
Division of Emergency Medicine, Department of Surgery
Stanford University Medical Center

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Kaweah Delta Hospital (Emergency Medicine Residency Program)

Maria O'Rourke"I’ve been using SonoSim since 2013 for teaching medical students and residents. I’m using it to teach my emergency medicine and family practice medical residents that have never used or learned ultrasound before, as well as residents with a basic training in ultrasound.

The combination of the courses with the hands-on scanning is what makes this unique program better than all the other online courses available. In general, students don’t learn from just a lecture, but rather from the combination of the lecture plus hands-on training. The comprehensive lectures on SonoSim allow me to spend less time lecturing and more time at the bedside with the resident.

The hands-on cases are used in the first week of the rotation so that they can develop hand-eye coordination skills. The multi-faceted learning tool of SonoSim allows the residents to learn in a sequential fashion.

I've used both SonoSim and EmSono for teaching ultrasound the last four years. This year, I'm exclusively using SonoSim, as it is the only comprehensive ultrasound training tool that meets all of my teaching requirements. Some of my favorite modules include FAST Protocol, RUSH Protocol, and FOCUS: Part I."

Maria C. O’Rourke, MD
Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Director
Kaweah Delta Hospital

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University of Virginia (Emergency Medicine Residency Program)

"The SonoSim offers my trainees a high fidelity experience in image acquisition. After practicing on the SonoSim they have a better understanding of how the transducer can be manipulated -- by rocking, tilting, or rotating the probe -- in order to get a better view of the structures of interest. The hands on experience really helps when it comes time to scan an actual patient."

James H. Moak, MD, RDMS
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
University of Virginia

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Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago (Pediatric Critical Care Residency Program)

“As an academic center committed to developing a Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Ultrasound Curriculum, SonoSim has become the cornerstone on which we have built our ultrasound curriculum. The simulated hand control, the patient scenarios, the anatomic dissection and the methods to teach perfect technique have been invaluable! Students of all ages – fellows and faculty – can now go home, work on their ultrasound skills and come back to the PICU with a new found confidence to use ultrasound to successfully identifying landmarks, reveal disease states and perform procedures with greater efficiency and safety. It has revolutionized our approach and made us better clinicians. Thank you SonoSim!”

Leah Harris, MD
Division Director
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics Northwestern University
Feinberg School of Medicine
Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

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UC Riverside School of Medicine (Simulation Center)

"The UC Riverside School of Medicine currently utilizes two SonoSim [Editions] with approximately 12 learning modules installed. Though the students have access to [the online courses] on their personal laptops, they prefer using the SonoSim laptops because these have the [SonoSimulator® and the] simulated probe (transducer) attached which aides in muscle memory for most point-of-care uses. We have found the videos and lessons very useful and educational. Each module is self-guided and very easy to follow. I highly recommend SonoSim for any program or person looking to develop or improve their clinical sonography skill set."

Chris Miller, Director of Operations, Center for Medical Simulation and Research
University of California Riverside School of Medicine

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New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical (Simulation Center)

"SonoSim offers a convenient and easily mobile solution to allowing learners to be introduced to point of care ultrasonography. The basic anatomy review allows learners to practice obtaining adequate views while the cases allow them to see many of the common abnormalities they may encounter on the wards. The integration of the ultrasound image with the ability to see various anatomical layers helps cement these ultrasound views in the learners mind better than could be done with only bedside ultrasound practice."

Kapil Rajwani, MD
Associate Medical Director
NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Simulation Center

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The University of Lynchburg (PA Program)

"We enjoy SonoSim's in-depth curriculum provided to our students, as well as SonoSim's constant innovation of topics and support. The curriculum allows us to tailor student ultrasound education to the current classroom topics and clinical rotations. Classroom topics are enhanced by exposure to both Anatomy/Physiology and Core modules, while Core and Advanced modules reinforce clinical rotations. We require SonoSim module completion prior to attendance in our weekly scan lab. This “pre-reading” provides a foundation for the weekly scanning that reduces time in discussion and increases student hands-on practice. SonoSim’s innovation has introduced timely and relevant topics that are needed for primary care provider point of care ultrasound such as the recently released DVT module and the downloadable app. The support we received from SonoSim continues to excel from initial student deployment to timely resolution of student encountered issues."

W. Joseph Bowman, DSc, PA-C, EMPA
Assistant Professor
The University of Lynchburg School of PA Medicine

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St. Mary's Hospital (Family Medicine Residency Program)

"Our residency program was looking to expand ultrasound training for both our faculty and our residents. SonoSim provided us a great foundation of knowledge in order to expand those skills. The program is easy to use, extremely thorough, and allowed us to study on our own time, at our own pace. We've significantly expanded our use of ultrasound in the clinic since starting the SonoSim modules, and continue to use it to refresh our new skills."

Karlynn Sievers, MD
St. Mary's Family Medicine Residency Program

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Aurora Health Care (Internal Medicine Resident)

"SonoSim has enabled me to effectively use ultrasound technology on my ICU rotations during residency. The interactive modules are designed to be completed at my own convenience from my own laptop at home or on the go. It has been a wonderful complement to my internal medicine training and has provided a solid foundation for beginning critical care and pulmonary medicine fellowship."

Ryan J. Logue, MD
Internal Medicine PGY-3
Advocate Aurora Health Care

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University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine (Medical Student)

"I have really enjoyed using SonoSim, I just wish I could have had it available last year during our anatomy section!

The online didactic content has been a great review. The courses are easy to navigate and the content seems to be at an appropriate depth and level.

The SonoSimulator® Cases have been educational, fun, and interesting. Just after a few days, my kinesthetic ability to handle the probe had improved and I had learned how to properly place and manipulate the probe.

The best part is that I have been able to do all of this on my own time and schedule - without the need for direct faculty instruction. It would have been incredible if I could have been able to correlate the educational modules with the medical school curriculum last year. I intend to use them along with our pathology discussions this year.

This also would be a helpful tool for 3rd and 4th years out on rotations and electives. It would be priceless to be able to use a SonoSim to prepare for an ED, OBGYN, or anesthesia rotation. Even spending a few hours with one of these units the night before a rotation would be so helpful. If I were to walk into an ER tomorrow on a clinical rotation and the ED handed me the probe to do a FAST exam I could give it a pretty good shot."

Samuel C. Broder, OMS-II
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

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SANA Medical (NGO)

Dr. Reem"Over the past 5 years, SANA has been involved in providing sonographic training to health care providers who have never held a probe nor scanned any patients. SANA’s trainees are primarily midwives, some of whom are out in practice, and many who are in their senior year of midwifery school. What is most unique and challenging when scanning the obstetrical patient is that the sonologist is constantly trying to obtain images of a moving target with an unstable lie, and where the fetal spine and limbs complicate matters further as they tend to block the ultrasound beam. This requires significant adaptability from the sonologist and skill at probe manipulation.

Since SANA acquired SonoSim in March 2016, all trainees are now required to spend time on SonoSim prior to going out on an outreach mission where they get to scan real patients. A drastic improvement has been noted in the trainees’ ability to recognize fetal anatomy and properly obtain the biometric planes after having worked on SonoSim. This has resulted in significantly improved learning curves where trainees show more confidence and ease in handling the real probe, have no difficulty with caliper placement and in fact, find scanning an actual patient easier! The intimidation of the first scan (and particularly a fetal scan) is no longer an issue as the trainees feel more secure in their abilities as they go out into the clinical arena. The portability and practicality of SonoSim enables the trainer to set up an “ultrasound lab” in ANY locale where the only requirement is having a trainee!

In the future, as SANA expands its involvement with resident trainees, I foresee SonoSim’s tremendous impact in training the sonologist on how to perform a transvaginal scan. This is a particular area with significant training-limitation, to Ob/Gyn as well as Radiology residents, and SonoSim will undoubtedly play a key role in overcoming this challenge.

Thank you SonoSim: looking forward to future modules!"

Reem S. Abu-Rustum, MD
Co-founder and President
SANA Medical NGO

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John Bailitz, MD, FACEP (Emergency Medicine Physician)

“This degree of customization with the SonoSim® CaseBuilder is a huge step forward for ultrasound educators, students, and ultimately, patients. The ability to craft these unique cases will make the SonoSimulator® much more useful every-where, from local classes to international conferences.”

John Bailitz, MD, FACEP
Director, Emergency Ultrasound Division, Cook County Hospital
Director, Collaborative Research, John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital
Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine, Rush Medical College
Chair, Online Education, ACEP Emergency Ultrasound Section
Ultrasound Director and Organizing Committee Member, SMACC

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Matthew D. Sztajnkrycer, MD, PhD (Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine)

"I think that most people recognize that nothing beats hands-on learning. However, what seems simple at a course is soon forgotten upon returning to the real world. SonoSim allows me the opportunity to continually review sonographic techniques in a very accessible manner, on my schedule. The courses are presented in a manner which is highly relevant to my practice, with case-based scenarios reenforcing the fundamental lessons.

With the confidence I have gained from SonoSim, I now look forward to performing exams at work. The ability to perform scans and then go back and review the relevant SonoSim lesson has enabled me to significantly improve my POCUS skill level in a very short period of time. I particularly enjoy the fact that I am now able to pick up subtle nuances in technique with each new view of SonoSim. It never gets old.

Thank you SonoSim for delivering such an outstanding educational product!"

Matthew D. Sztajnkrycer, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine Emergency Medicine Department

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Daniel R. Deakter, MD, FACEP (Emergency Medicine Physician)

Daniel R. Deakter

"SonoSim is a great learning tool to correlate cross-sectional anatomy with ultrasound images. It also gives one a feel of how to perform an ultrasound. In addition, it also allows one to brush up on their skills as needed. If one doesn’t have a lot of ultrasound experience this product is a good place to start."

Daniel R. Deakter, MD, FACEP
Attending in Emergency Medicine

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Paul S. Batmanis, MD (Emergency Medicine Physician)

“Thank you for being an outstanding innovator in ultrasound continuing medical education!
SonoSim allows you to receive and review up to date didactic ultrasound training from your computer at your own pace while still learning the psychomotor skills to be able to perform diagnostic clinical exams and procedural interventions.”

Paul S. Batmanis, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician

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Thomas Konjoyan, DO (Emergency Medicine Physician)

"SonoSim has been invaluable for learning hand-eye coordination for venous access with ultrasound – it put me ahead of the game.

After practice with SonoSim, I got my first ultrasound guided IV without a problem. In my practice, I most frequently use ultrasound for IV access, peripheral and central line placement. The Pulmonary Core Clinical Module and Peripheral Venous Access Procedure Module are very helpful. I recommend the SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution to all ED doctors interested in expanding their ultrasound knowledge."

Thomas Konjoyan, DO
Emergency Medicine Physician

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Lance M. VanGundy, MD (Emergency Medicine Physician)

"I purchased SonoSim after research and began the program with slight trepidation thinking it might be hard to teach an old dog new tricks. I have been a full time ER doctor since 1999 and practice in a small community hospital where US was always performed by an US technician. After immersing myself in the RUSH and eFAST programs, I rounded out my experience with the Biliary/GI and OB/GYN components. These have given me the confidence to perform my own eFAST exams and served me well at least 4-6 in a 12 hour shift searching for hot gall bladders, ectopic pregnancy, pneumothorax and even DVT.

The customer service for this product is wonderful. Any questions I had were promptly addressed via phone and email with efficient and complete resolution. This was frankly refreshing, I did not think I would feel so supported. This product is easy to install, a breeze to navigate and allows the provider to learn the skill set of the technology in the privacy of their own home. I plan to invest in future platforms and have already recommended this to my partners."

Dr. Lance M. VanGundy, MD
Emergency Room Medical Director
Central Iowa Health Care

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Bennie Fore, MD (Emergency Medicine Physician)

""I have used SonoSim training module for over a year and was quite impressed by the realism of the experience. After having used it for multiple practices, I attended a real sono-course with a live patient and felt very comfortable with the various exams.""

Bennie F. Fore, MD
Emergency Medicine Physician

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David Weisman, DO, FACP (Internal Medicine Physician)

“If you want to learn ultrasound you need to use SonoSim! The didactic lectures are outstanding and easy to follow. The simulations are well done and really help give you training in that important skill of hand and eye coordination. I commonly refer back to the lectures and the simulations as I always learn more each time I watch. Thanks to SonoSim I really think my skills in point of care ultrasound have improved greatly!”

David Weisman, DO, FACP
Associate Program Director of Internal Medicine
Medstar Health

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T. McGunigal, MD (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician)

"I found that the SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution helped improved my capability with ultrasound examinations. Use of the hand-held simulator probe sharpened probe manipulation skills. The didactic material presented ultrasound oriented anatomy clearly and succinctly and had a feature that allowed you to listen to audio or read the presentation. The post-tests did a good job of reinforcing the material, which facilitated my board review preparation. My territory representative, Mark Brundage, helped with any questions or concerns.

I found this same high level of customer service with everyone I interacted with at the company. I recommend this product as worthy of your most favorable consideration."

T. McGunigal, MD
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician

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GE Healthcare (Private Medical Groups and Individual Physicians)

"The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training solution is one of the more comprehensive and easy-to-use ultrasound training solutions available. In my over 25 years of experience with ultrasound and my exposure to multiple, different training courses, programs, and teachers, the SonoSim® Personal Solution, is one of the better ones I have personally been exposed to."

Cathy Ruff
RVT GE Healthcare

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Bret P. Nelson (Author and Public Speaker of Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound)

"Recently I was in India as part of a project examining whether health care workers in rural environments could improve care using ultrasound. I brought SonoSim with me and the audience was really engaged when I demonstrated some views during my lectures. But SonoSim really showed value when we learned that the ultrasound machines meant for the hands-on session were not coming! Normally, without machines to practice with the course would be over. In this case, we guided the health care workers through the SonoSim cases and cemented the clinical reasoning while building a sense of hand-eye coordination. Everyone loved the course, which would have otherwise been a disappointment for those expecting hands-on practice."

Bret P. Nelson, MD, RDMS, FACEP
Director, Emergency Ultrasound Division
Department of Emergency Medicine
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

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