Ultrasound Training with SonoSim in Tanzania

Discover how SonoSim's remote, point-of-care ultrasound solution is being used to enhance patient care in the underserved Maasai community of Tanzania.


 The Olmoti Clinic in Tanzania

Located on the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Olmoti Clinic has been providing prenatal care to over 2,000 Maasai individuals. The Olmotic Clinic's health-related accomplishments include providing comprehensive eye care, distributing multivitamins to the community, and developing a program to treat fistulas. They have also gone above and beyond by building a two-room schoolhouse and by funneling fresh water and electricity into the area. Dr. Diane Raleigh and her team are focused on creating a safe, sustainable space for the Maasai community, who have been historically marginalized and underserved.


Point-Of-Care Ultrasound and Hands-On Training

At the clinic, point-of-care ultrasound and hands-on training play an important role in the quick and accurate diagnosis of many conditions. SonoSim was introduced to the clinic by Dr. Jeff Gold, a long-time SonoSim user at Oregon Health & Science University. Together with his colleague, Dr. Jennifer Bass, they were able to use SonoSim to provide ultrasound training to the local doctors and medical staff. 

By studying topics such as obstetrics, cardiology, pulmonology, and gastroenterology Dr. Gold, Dr. Bass and Dr. Richard Nkambi, Olmoti Clinic’s lead physician, were able to sharpen their ultrasound proficiency while concurrently teaching others the proper techniques necessary for an effective ultrasound.


Ultrasound Training Outcome

Dr. Raleigh’s team, Dr. Gold, and Dr. Bass’s contributions to the Olmoti Clinic staff have been both impactful and sustainable. They have provided a method to become clinically proficient in ultrasonography and other vital provider services, as well as built lasting improvements in the community in the areas of healthcare, education, and access to basic human needs.


To learn more about the Olmoti Clinic, visit https://www.olmoticlinic.org/


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