Announcing Experts Medical Projects as International Partner in Qatar

SonoSim is proud to partner with Experts Medical Projects. Together, we hope to make ultrasound training accessible to all healthcare personnel in Qatar.

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SonoSim, Inc., a leading provider of ultrasound education and training, publicly announced today that Experts Medical Projects will be added as its newest international partner. In their role as the exclusive SonoSim distributor for Qatar, Experts Medical Projects will supply widespread ultrasound knowledge and hands-on training to healthcare personnel in the region.

Ultrasound Training Solution

“We are glad to select SonoSim as our business partner of choice for ultrasound training. The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution has an excellent image resolution, is simple, and is affordable. The SonoSim® Edition has a rich case library which facilitates access to over 1,000 of patients’ pathologies under your fingertips and that is awesome,” states Hani Abdel R, CEO of Experts Medical Projects.

“We are excited to grow our presence in the Middle East by welcoming Experts Medical Projects as our exclusive distributor in the country,” states Diana Le, International Sales Manager. “Experts Medical Projects has a very strong reputation that will be fundamental in delivering ultrasound education and training to healthcare professionals in Qatar.”

About Experts Medical Projects Co.

Founded in 2012 and derived from MDC Care UAE-Dubai 2006 and White Point International, Experts Medical Project Co. is one of the leaders in supplying the world’s specialty scientific medical innovations and medical education technology.

About SonoSim International

SonoSim aims to meet the global demand for SonoSim products and services needed by physicians, nurses, students, care providers, trainers, and educators worldwide. Through a growing distribution network, SonoSim provides the easiest way to learn ultrasonography, anytime, anyplace, and worldwide. With our user-friendly interface and comprehensive training modules, we are committed to elevating the standard of ultrasound education across various healthcare sectors.

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