SonoSim & Survival Technology: Ultrasound Training to South Africa

We're excited to be enhancing patient care in South Africa by partnering to provide healthcare providers with remote and accessible ultrasound training.

SonoSim International and Survival Technology announced today that they have teamed up to bring ultrasound education and training to South Africa. As the exclusive SonoSim distributor for the region, Survival Technology will supply the SonoSim suite of ultrasound training tools to medical professionals and clinical practices in the country.

“Through our partnership with SonoSim, a worldwide leader in ultrasound education and training, Survival Technology will expand South Africa’s patient safety efforts and help save more lives. The SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution is easy to use and incredibly effective,” states Allan Pollard, Managing Director at Survival Technology.

The innovative SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution is a comprehensive laptop-based ultrasound training course that offers a curriculum of over 65 peer-reviewed courses, performance tracking, scanning of real-patient ultrasound cases, and image acquisition and interpretation training using the patented SonoSimulator®.

“We are thrilled to be working hand-in-hand with Survival Technology, working towards growing our presence in South Africa and shaping the future of health care in the region,” states Diana Le, SonoSim’s International Sales Manager.

About Survival Technology

Survival Technology is one of the largest distributors of medical training solutions to universities, colleges, hospitals, emergency medical services, and other training institutions in South Africa. The ultrasound services training program is a critical aspect of Survival Technology's offerings.

About SonoSim International

SonoSim aims to meet the global demand for SonoSim products and services needed by physicians, nurses, students, care providers, trainers, and educators worldwide. Through a growing distribution network, SonoSim provides the easiest way to learn ultrasonography, anytime, anyplace, and worldwide.

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