Simulat Receives SonoSim Distributor of the Year Award

Read how SonoSim is recognizing and awarding its international distributors for their role in expanding ultrasound training to a global audience.

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Every year, SonoSim welcomes its international distributors to the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) to celebrate their contributions and achievements in the ever-evolving field of medical simulation. We are pleased to award model international distribution partners and to recognize them for their innovative strategies, strategic business-marketing approaches, and for seizing new opportunities by developing unique sales initiatives. "It is with great pleasure that we recognize the exceptional accomplishments, breakthroughs, and innovations that address our customers’ most pressing needs,” said Lisa Ivey, Director of International Accounts and Strategic Partnerships, SonoSim International. “We are especially honored this year to present the Distributor of the Year Award to Simulat S.R.L. in recognition of its extraordinary efforts in expanding clinical simulation education into the Argentinian market, thereby setting a strong example for others to follow."

Director of Simulat, Natalia Hirsch, has been pivotal in this extraordinary success, and her leadership has been a cornerstone of the partnership.

Natalia Hirsch, Director of Simulat, states, “Based on our customers’ feedback, SonoSim is a fundamental educational tool that stands out. It not only enhances physicians’ bedside acumen but also helps increase physicians’ confidence with bedside ultrasound, all in a significantly shorter timeframe than traditional medical training methods offer.”

Congratulations to the entire Simulat Team for a truly remarkable year, as well as those throughout your organization who contributed to the success of our rewarding partnership. We appreciate your unwavering dedication and contributions to our mutual mission of enhancing the skills of healthcare professionals, elevating patient safety standards, and improving the overall quality of care across the globe. Your efforts have been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare education and training, making a lasting impact on patient outcomes.

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