SonoSim Supports Remote Education Needs in Response to COVID-19

Make remote learning a boon, not a barrier. With our platform, learners can endlessly review content, practice their scanning and receive virtual feedback.

SonoSim is deeply committed to supporting healthcare institutions, educational training programs, and medical providers across the globe, especially in light of the unique and evolving challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our versatile remote learning platform is meticulously engineered and specifically designed to help educators and healthcare professionals adapt to a rapidly changing learning environment with resilience, flexibility, and efficiency. We continuously work on updating our platform to ensure it meets the dynamic needs of today's healthcare landscape.

In a direct, focused response to current global health crises, we are offering ultrasound educators who are keen on enabling effective learning outside the traditional classroom setting a complimentary trial to our extensively developed, cloud-based SonoSim Course Library and our intuitive, user-friendly Mobile App.

SonoSim goes beyond traditional educational methods to offer an advanced, comprehensive support system for group ultrasound training and education through a variety of sophisticated features:

• Delivery of rigorously peer-reviewed, online SonoSim Courses & Assessments for remote training
• Ultrasound image acquisition and interpretation training guided by a virtual tutor
• On-demand ultrasound scanning of actual pathology via the cutting-edge SonoSimulator®
• Comprehensive performance tracking, analytics, and automated assessment capabilities
• Convenient bedside access to a treasure trove of ultrasound knowledge via the SonoSim Mobile App

To get a quick yet comprehensive overview, learn how SonoSim provides cutting-edge remote ultrasound training by watching our illuminating two-minute video.

If you are an ultrasound educator actively seeking to explore the multifaceted ways in which SonoSim can effectively support your remote learning needs, we warmly invite you to begin your educational journey by accessing our innovative cloud-based SonoSim Courses, Performance Tracker, and Mobile App today.


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