SonoSim September 2023 Release Overview

Find out what's new for SonoSim members after a summer of updates and improvements!

We are thrilled to announce the latest updates to our platform and how they are benefitting our users' ultrasound training experience. Read on to learn more about the latest from SonoSim and how we are constantly updating our product to better suit your ultrasound education needs.

Orientation Courses

Probe Tutorial

New Reports Hub Features 

New DMS Protocol Assignment: Biliary

New Challenge Cases: Abdomen, Genitourinary, and eFAST Protocol

New LiveScan® CaseBuilder Cases 

Orientation Courses

release screen shot courses

Introducing our new Orientation Courses! These short courses are designed to guide you through some of the essential elements of the SonoSim ecosystem: Learn, Scan, and Track. 

  • Learn: From starting your first course to completing an advanced mastery test, "How to Take a Course" will teach you the ins and outs of our course library, and the best practices for completing a SonoSim course.
  • Scan: "How to Scan in the SonoSimulator" will walk you through the purpose of scanning in the SonoSimulator, how to use your probe, and some of the SonoSimulator's key features.
  • Track: Understand how to monitor progress effortlessly with "How to Track Learner Progress". This course will show you how to oversee learner performance, track completed courses, and view mock exam scores. 

Probe Tutorial

probe tutorial option 3

We understand that jumping into the SonoSimulator® can be challenging, especially if you're new to SonoSim. That's why we've created an innovative Probe Tutorial. This interactive tutorial and activity will demystify probe calibration, orient you to the environment on screen, and familiarize you with the technology, so you can perform scans in the SonoSimulator without any technological learning blockers. This easy-to-follow activity breaks down probe motion & calibration into simple steps, ensuring you get it right every time and that gain the confidence you'll need to perform a SonoSimulator scan like a seasoned pro.

New Reports Hub Features 

We are excited to introduce the latest update to the Reports Hub, making it even more user-friendly and efficient than ever before. With the new release, users can now track progress in Orientation courses for smooth onboarding processes. Additionally, finding reports is easier than ever with our "Recommended For You" section, which intelligently suggests reports tailored to your needs based on your usage patterns. Moreover, the "Recently Viewed" feature allows you to quickly resume your tracking journey by conveniently accessing recently viewed reports.

Expired User Reports

With our new expired user reporting capabilities, admin can now track all their learners, even those who have graduated. This is especially helpful to those looking to perform a year-over-year analysis of their learners in order to find ways to improve the efficacy of their program. When viewing a report, simply find the sidebar on the right and toggle from "Active" to "Inactive" users to view your previous learners' metrics. 

New DMS Protocol - Biliary with Assignment

The new DMS biliary protocol assignment is tailored to guide users through imaging the common bile duct, focusing on assessing bile duct obstruction and biliary dilation. Designed to follow AIUM practice parameters, this assignment offers a structured approach to mastering this critical aspect of ultrasound imaging.

With real-patient anatomy, you can dive into scenarios that bring the learning experience closer to reality and gain valuable insights from actual cases to enhance your image acquisition skills. Explore the power of color-flow Doppler assessment within the context of biliary imaging and learn how this tool can strengthen your scanning capabilities. 



The DMS Biliary Protocol Assignment provides a structured framework to enhance the learning experience - a useful part of your educational toolkit whether you are a student or an educator.

New Challenge Cases

Abdomen Challenge Cases 10 & 11: Biliary Sludge with Rapid Progression to Acute Cholecystitis

These cases focus on the rapid progression from biliary sludge to acute cholecystitis. They provide a dynamic learning experience for medical professionals and students through real-patient pathology and use of the TIPS assessment. The TIPS (Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt) Assessment cases are designed to help learners master this critical evaluation. By offering a detailed simulation of TIPS, users can refine their skills in probe manipulation, image acquisition, and interpretation in a risk-free, virtual environment.



Genitourinary Challenge Case 13: Bilateral Perinephric Fluid

Our latest Genitourinary Challenge Case 13 focuses on the detection of bilateral perinephric fluid. Perinephric fluid can signal various medical issues, and this case offers an immersive training experience to enhance diagnostic skills. Users can practice ultrasound imaging and interpretation within a risk-free virtual environment, improving their accuracy and confidence in diagnosing genitourinary pathologies. 

Protocols Challenge (eFAST) Case 2: Grade III Liver Laceration

Our Protocols Challenge (eFAST) Case 2 presents a Grade III liver laceration scenario, a crucial aspect of trauma assessment. This case allows learners to refine their eFAST skills, including probe manipulation and image interpretation, in a realistic virtual setting. Proficiency in the eFAST protocol is essential for healthcare professionals, enabling them to expedite trauma evaluations and make swift, life-saving decisions. 

SonoSim LiveScan® CaseBuilder Cases

There are 13 new real pediatric cases added to the CaseBuilder Library for SonoSim LiveScan (Cases 116-128) including:

  • Normal pediatric biliary
  • Normal female pediatric pelvis
  • Normal male pediatric pelvis
  • Normal pediatric heart x 4
  • Normal Pediatric Aorta/IVC x 2
  • Moderately distended pediatric bladder
  • Near-empty pediatric bladder
  • Scattered Pathologic B-Lines, Pediatric Pulmonary
  • Normal Pediatric Lung

We have also added 4 new real adult cases added into CaseBuilder Library for SonoSim LiveScan (Cases 129-132) including:

  • Positive Abdominal Fluid SBO Ascites
  • Choledocholithiasis; Extrahepatic biliary duct dilation x 2
  • eFAST Hemothorax

Thank you for being a part of the SonoSim community. We strive to regularly bring you content that is meaningful and helpful!

If you have any concerns or feedback, email us at support@sonosim.com

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