SonoSim October 2023 Release Overview

Find out about all of the new updates for SonoSim members this month!

The latest software release from SonoSim is now available! We have new content and software updates that will elevate your ultrasound training and education. Read on to learn more about our new developments.

Introduction to Echocardiography Parts I, II, and III

New DMS Protocol: Shoulder

New DMS Protocol: Pancreas 

New DMS Protocol: Kidney

SPI Quiz Reports

SPI Quiz Updates

New Orientation Course: Study

QuestionBank Updates

Software Updates

New Learning & Scanning Topics

October Release Images

Introduction to Echocardiography: Part I

This topic focuses on obtaining and describing the appropriate cardiac imaging windows for an echocardiography examination. You'll learn when and how to use Doppler adjuncts and identify sonographic characteristics of the heart. This knowledge will help you assess and obtain actionable measurements for cardiac output and pulmonary artery pressure.

Introduction to Echocardiography: Part II

Part II delves into the sonographic characteristics of valvular regurgitant and stenotic disorders of the heart. You'll learn the ideal echocardiographic windows for detecting valvular heart disorders and evaluating specific valvular disorders affecting the aortic, mitral, pulmonic, and tricuspid valves using ultrasound.

Introduction to Echocardiography: Part III

Part III offers a comprehensive overview of the role of echocardiography in cardiac chamber quantification and the assessment of cardiac function. The criteria used are consistent with the American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) and the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) Standards and Guidelines. Normal parameters for all four cardiac chambers are described.

New DMS Protocols

DMS Shoulder

DMS Shoulder Protocol

The DMS Shoulder Protocol is your comprehensive guide to assessing the shoulder joint. It covers everything, from joint and synovium evaluation to bones, muscles, tendons and sheaths, ligaments and fascia, as well as capsules and other supporting structures. With this protocol, you can evaluate for tendon pathology and instability, joint effusion, bursitis, rotator cuff disorders, arthritis, soft tissue masses, and postoperative assessments. This release includes two real-patient cases with DMS Protocol Assignments and dynamic evaluation for impingement tests.

DMS Pancreas Protocol

The DMS Pancreas Protocol equips learners with the knowledge to perform a complete assessment of the structure and function of the pancreas. It enables you to evaluate for dilation caused by stones in the gallbladder or common bile duct, as well as masses arising from the pancreas. This protocol also features two real-patient cases with DMS Protocol Assignments and color-flow Doppler assessment.

DMS Kidney Protocol

The DMS Kidney Protocol provides a comprehensive assessment of the kidneys. You can evaluate the size, location, and shape of the kidney, as well as screen for common pathologies such as cortical thickening, hydronephrosis, cysts, and stones. Like the other protocols, this release includes two real-patient cases with DMS Protocol Assignments and color-flow Doppler assessment.

Product Updates

New SPI Quiz Report


SPI Quiz Report

Admins can now see a summary of how each of their learners are doing within each domain of the SPI Test Prep quiz feature.

SPI Quizzes

Additionally, the SPI Test Prep domains have been realigned to the new ARDMS Content Outline. With the realignment, several new quizzes are now available.

Study Orientation Course

How to Excel With Study Tools (for groups) and How to Supplement Learning with Study Tools (for individuals and healthcare providers) is now available in the Course Library. This orientation will show you how to use SonoSim’s available study tools to complement and sharpen your ultrasound knowledge.

QuestionBank Updates

QuestionBank will now feature two different types of quizzes: knowledge check quizzes and case study quizzes. Knowledge check quizzes include questions about your general ultrasound knowledge and will focus on a specific topic (e.g. sonographic anatomy, sonographic technique). Cases study quizzes feature one specific patient and will ask several questions about this patient and their ultrasound data.

Software Updates

October Release Images copy

In this release, we’ve also updated the Probe Tutorial. Originally, users were only able to calibrate at the beginning so that if a mistake was made during the initial calibration, there was no way to remedy it for the duration of the tutorial. With the new software update, users can recalibrate their probe during any step of the Probe Tutorial if needed. We’ve also added baseline software improvements, ensuring a smoother and more precise learning experience.

Thank you for being a part of the SonoSim community. We strive to regularly bring you content that is meaningful and helpful!

If you have any concerns or feedback, email us at support@sonosim.com

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