Introducing the New “My SonoSim” Experience

The SonoSim web experience is getting a whole new look, with a brand-new My SonoSim Dashboard, improved global navigation, and several new features!

The SonoSim web experience is getting a whole new look, with a brand-new My SonoSim Dashboard, improved global navigation, and several new features! Get ready for a more intuitive and accessible experience.

Highlights include:


New “My SonoSim” Dashboard



Your new My SonoSim Dashboard (shown above) will display content that is most relevant to you! Some of those quick-access items include:

  • Quick Links & My Summary
  • Recent Courses
  • Key Features
  • Announcements
  • And more…

Also, new global sidebar navigation (shown left) makes all features available within two clicks. Let’s learn about each new section below. 



The Learn Element

The improved Course Library now lives under the Learn element. With additional sort options and a new Module Details page, it’s never been easier to find relevant SonoSim content. And quick links to the related Module Assignment and Report make related content and features even easier to access.




The Scan Element

The improved Download Scanning Software page now has steps to get started post-installation, along with a SonoSimulator overview video.

For learners, the Scan section is where they can access Module Assignments and the Case Features list.





The Study Element

In addition to the SonoSim Mobile App, we’ve added brand-new Study features: QuestionBank & SPI Test Prep!

Let’s learn about each of them more in-depth below:



 Check your knowledge and retention… as many times as you want without having to go back through courses you’ve finished. Quiz yourself with all new self-study practice quizzes on a variety of topic areas on any device. Keep broadening and deepening your knowledge with instant, detailed feedback from ultrasound experts.
SPI-1024x563 We’re excited to announce the addition of a new Study feature: SPI Test Prep! This resource aligns with leading DMS textbooks and is mapped to the ARDMS exam outline, covering essential physics and ultrasound instrumentation concepts with self-study quizzes and a comprehensive mock exam. Get ready for the SPI exam with SonoSim!



The Track Element

Track is the new home for all reports, Image Feedback with Automated Image Assessment (admin-only feature), and CME/Certificates of Completion. For admins, the new Reports Hub page (shown below) contains both class-progress and new personal-progress reports, and now has separate learner- and module-centric reports.





The Integrate Element

For admins, all previous curriculum integration tools now live under the Integrate element. Access all your same favorite features, including Module Assignments, Case Findings, and Industry Recommendations.




The Apply Element

For CaseBuilder authors, you can now access CaseBuilder from within the Member Dashboard (no more needing to bookmark the link directly)! And for SonoSim LiveScan administrators, CaseController (shown below) allows you to control SonoSim LiveScan scenarios in real time. 




Lastly: Manage & the Resource Center

All account management, both managing group users and your own personal account information, can now be found under the Manage element in the sidebar.

In the bottom-right corner of all web pages, the Resource Center has been decked out with how-to tutorials on frequently asked questions along with in-depth feature overview tours. Learn about each SonoSim feature at your own pace!


That’s a quick overview of all the new changes and features included in the improved SonoSim web experience. For a more in-depth tour about any of these features, check out the Feature

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