Introducing your new My SonoSim Experience - for HCPs

Introducing the all new My SonoSim Dashboard! Get ready for a more intuitive and accessible experience, along with some brand-new features.

Your access to SonoSim is getting a whole new look.  Introducing the all new My SonoSim Dashboard! Get ready for a more intuitive and accessible experience, along with some brand-new features.

Highlights include:

  • New Dashboard page with useful quick links, like in-progress courses and announcements
  • Improved global navigation
  • Access to Module Assignments, including task-based scanning steps that pair with SonoSimulator cases
  • New Reports Hub page, providing visibility into progress data and saved SonoSimulator images
  • New Module Details page that gives summary information about an entire module
  • New License page, so you know when exactly you’re renewal date is

Let’s look at each element of the new My SonoSim Experience in more depth:

New "My SonoSim" Dashboard



Your new My SonoSim Dashboard will display content that is most relevant to you! Some of those quick-access items include:

  • My Summary
  • Recent Courses
  • Key Features
  • Announcements
  • And more…

Also, new global sidebar navigation (shown left) makes all features available within two clicks. Let’s learn about each new section below. 




The Learn Element

The improved Course Library now lives under the Learn element. With additional sort options and a new Module Details page (see below), it’s never been easier to find relevant SonoSim content.






The Scan Element

The Scan section is where you can access new scanning-related features:

  • Module Assignments – Step-by-step instructions within the SonoSimulator that turn course concepts into scanning tasks
  • Case Findings – Written findings of each ultrasound window within a scanning case
  • Case Features – Find scanning cases with key features, like Doppler and compression
Additionally, the improved Download Scanning Software page now has steps to get started post-installation, along with a SonoSimulator overview video.



The Study Element

Have you downloaded the SonoSim Mobile App yet? If not, the Study element is the new home for downloading the mobile app!






The Track Element

Within Track, the new Reports Hub has two different reports to display progress across all SonoSim features in one place –  the Image Portfolio Report (seen below) shows all saved SonoSimulator images, while the Detailed Status Report provides more granular data points on SonoSim Course work. Also, Track is the new home for claiming CME.






All account management, both licensing and personal account information, can now be found under the Manage element (seen left) in the sidebar. On the license page you can find your exact renewal date.

Lastly: The Store

We’ve added quick links to renew your membership and access to purchase new modules (seen left) at your 30% discount directly from your My SonoSim Dashboard. 


Resource-Center-FinalAnd that’s a quick overview of all the new changes and features included in the improved “My SonoSim” Experience. For a more in-depth tour about any of these features, check out the Feature Overview section of the Resource Center (bottom right) or email hello@sonosim.com for personalized training.

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