2021 Ultrasound Training Innovations

Dive into an immersive ultrasound simulation with SonoSim LiveScan's controllable vital signs, more training modules, and AI-automated assessment to track progress



Throughout the year, we’ll be launching a series of ultrasound education products, including new online ultrasound courses, unique scanning cases, analytics with artificial intelligence (AI), and more!

The Next Generation of Scanning with the SonoSimulator®

SonoSim Modules combine peer-reviewed courses, hands-on ultrasound training courses, and assessments. Practice scanning real-patient cases with the next generation of the SonoSimulator, which will take on the look and feel of a real ultrasound machine. New Modules and scanning cases include:

For current members, you’ll soon find an easier Main Menu for navigation, how-to videos, and reference materials within the SonoSimulator.

A New SonoSim LiveScan® Experience for High Stakes Simulation

Test the integration of ultrasound into medical decision-making with SonoSim LiveScan. Starting Q3, medical professionals will be able to change the heart rate and respiratory rate of patients for even more flexible simulations, whether in-person or remote. As always, you’ll be able to continue to provide healthy volunteers or manikins with real-patient pathologies.

Streamline Analytics with SonoSim Performance Tracker

Save instructor grading time with the launch of AI-Automated Assessment this summer! To create a pathway for the standardized assessment of large numbers of ultrasound learners and deliver a dramatically more efficient method for image evaluation, AI-Automated Assessment serves as the first review of ultrasound images saved by learners.

Features of AI-Automated Assessment

  • Evaluates saved images vs. “optimal” image views   
  • Rates image depth optimization 
  • Rates image gain optimization
  • Applicable to all 70+ SonoSim Modules

Benefits of AI-Automated Assessment 

  • Saves time over a manual review of ultrasound images
  • Reduces subjectivity from human assessment 
  • Instant standardized analysis of large numbers of images
  • Creates an archive of saved and reviewed images

New reporting features provide high-level summaries to granular insights into learner data including:

  • Class Summary Report – Overall analytics into class progress as a whole
  • Detailed Status Report – See specific learner data including course progress and number of Mastery Test attempts
  • Image Portfolio Report (coming soon!) – See learner’s specific ultrasound-guided procedures

For a personal demonstration of the new product features, please contact us.

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