SonoSim January 2023 Release Overview

The New Year brings exciting new updates to SonoSim Members! Read on to learn more!

As we usher in the New Year, SonoSim is thrilled to announce a host of exciting new updates designed to enhance your ultrasound learning experience. Get ready to elevate your educational journey with us! These updates are the result of continuous feedback from our valued users and rigorous research by our dedicated team. Keep reading below to discover what's new and how you can make the most of these improvements as a SonoSim Member. Your success is our mission, and we're committed to providing you with the most effective and engaging tools for ultrasound education.

Case-Based Learning – New Challenge Cases: Abdomen, GYN, and Ocular Cases

New DMS Protocol Assignment: DMS Bladder Protocol

New Image Feedback Tool: Grading Summary Table

Case-Based Learning: New Challenge Cases


Case-Based Learning via SonoSimulator scanning cases with unique pathologies will appear as “Challenge Cases.” This latest release delivers the following cases:​

  • Abdomen Challenge Case 9
    • Cystic Duct Stone
  • GYN Challenge cases 1-4
    • Hemorrhagic right ovarian cyst x 2
    • Multiple uterine leiomyomas (fibroids)
    • Bilateral hydrosalpinges
  • Ocular Challenge Case 2
    • Optic disk papillitis 

New DMS Protocol Assignment


DMS Protocol Assignments follow AIUM practice parameters and enable seamless integration into sonography program training curricula.

  • DMS bladder protocol
    • DMS Bladder protocol cases demonstrate comprehensive protocol imaging of the bladder to assess for structural abnormalities and dysfunction.
    • Evaluate pre-and post-void bladders for both male and female patient cases. 
    • Three real-patient scanning cases with DMS Protocol Assignment. 

New Image Feedback Tool


We’ve added a new data table that gives a total image count as well as summary statistics for image grades (e.g., % optimal vs. % suboptimal vs. % non-diagnostic).


If you have any concerns or feedback, email us at support@sonosim.com

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