SonoSim March 2023 Release Overview

Get ready for a brand new year of SonoSim Members updates! In the first quarter of 2023, we’ve got a variety of exciting new features – read to learn more.

Get ready for a brand new year of SonoSim Members updates! In the first quarter of 2023, we’ve got a variety of exciting new features to share with you – read on to learn more.

New Course: Ultrasound-Guided Neonatal & Infant Lumbar Puncture: Procedure Module (Course Only)*

Case-Based Learning – New Challenge Cases: Hemothorax & 2 MSK Tendon Cases

New Abdomen DMS Protocol Assignment: DMS Gallbladder Protocol

New Course: Neonatal & Infant Lumbar Puncture


Introducing our latest procedure module – Ultrasound-Guided Neonatal & Infant Lumbar Puncture (Course Only)*

  • Through our course, you’ll gain a solid understanding of the basic principles involved in performing ultrasound-guided neonatal and infant lumbar punctures. This includes reviewing relevant anatomic landmarks and using ultrasound to evaluate the lumbar spine.
  • This course offers a look at a variety of key topics, including:
    • Spinal Anatomy
    • Sonography Anatomy & Characteristics
    • Transducer Selection & Patient Positioning
    • Survey Scan & Procedure Steps
    • Tips, Pitfalls, & Complications

* This is a course release only. Cases will be integrated in the following release.

Case-Based Learning: New Challenge Cases

2022-01-14_TJU007B_I0000003.   dvr_20220420_0943_V1With our newest release, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in case-based learning with the SonoSimulator like never before. Get ready to tackle a variety of unique pathologies in the form of “Challenge Cases.” This update includes the following new cases:

  • POCUS Protocol Challenge Case 1
    • Hemothorax
  • MSK Challenge Cases 10  & 11
    • Tenosynovitis of the Posterior Tibialis Tendon
    • Ruptured Tibialis Anterior Tendon 

New Abdomen DMS Protocol Assignment


Our DMS Protocol Assignments adhere to the latest AIUM practice parameters, ensuring seamless integration into sonography program training curricula.

  • DMS Gallbladder Protocol
    • DMS Gallbladder Protocol cases demonstrate comprehensive protocol imaging of the gallbladder to assess for gallbladder disease, including gallstones and polyps.
    • Evaluate the NPO (non-fasting gallbladder) in a supine and left lateral decubitus position.
    • Two real-patient cases with DMS Protocol Assignment.

If you have any concerns or feedback, email us at support@sonosim.com 

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